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.:Contest:. Mega Ninetales

Made for :iconcachomon:'s Mega Pokemon contest
Now submitted to…

(You should check it out or enter when you get the chance~!)

In honor for my Bringer of Sun, Calliste the Ninetales♥
P.S. It's really difficult to try and create a mega for something already perfect, but being the person I am I want to make this thing super over powered~

[Edit]: For new contest purposes

Name: Mega Ninetales
Type: Fire + Fairy
Ability: Solar Power [Boosts Sp. Atk, but lowers HP in sunshine.]
Height: 3' 11" || 1.2m
Weight: 51.4 lbs || 23.3 kg 
++ Sp.Atk
++ Speed

Vote for me: (Contest Over)

- Love Calliste

Most broken set ever if this thing were real
Ninetales with Drought -> Mega Evolve into Mega Ninetales -> Spam Fire Blasts and Solar Beams

Made with:
Sai Paint Tool

Idea belongs to :iconmearii-chi:
Ninetales belongs to the Pokemon Company(c)
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DJKitKat12's avatar
It looks like what a nintales and an alolan ninetales would look like if they mega evolved, I like it.
May I use this as my profile image I will give you the credit for it. 
MythicMoonArt's avatar
Honestly, looking through different concepts of Mega Ninetales, this is the best. Its different enough and it doesn't either look like a basic color change, OR a completely different fox type pokemon
MonsterMMORPG's avatar
TheMercenary04's avatar
I love the concept.
Mearii-chi's avatar
Thank you so much~ c :
Lunarfoxesnamedspark's avatar
It's a great disgn for mega ninetaels. Love it :3!!!
Mearii-chi's avatar
Thank you my dear~ I'm glad you enjoyed it ; v ;
Also thank you so much for the fave~
Lunarfoxesnamedspark's avatar
Np! It really brought out the awesome kitsune spirit in ninetales!
Mearii-chi's avatar
Thank you my dear~
SaryTheWolf's avatar
Pretty, fluffy fox <3
S-M-E's avatar
You should submit this in… as well.  :D  Maybe give this Ninetales a Fairy Typing, it could most definitely pass for a secondary Fairy type.  Immune to Dragons, resistant to Dark and Fighting (Fairy's are so OP >.>  Especially when combined with another typing).  Plus Ninetales is resistant to steel that most fairy types suffer from.
Mearii-chi's avatar
Thanks for the suggestion!!!!
Originally I was going to have the fairy idea, but as you said it was too OP, and that was my main reason for not including the fairy typing.
Although, due to the fact that the other contest is now over and I have what seems like a free range with the contest you showed me I just might add the fairy typing~
Thanks for showing this too me c :
S-M-E's avatar
Glad I could help :)
S-M-E's avatar
On second thought.  Maybe you should instead go with Ghost, I mean it would make sense in lore.  Ninetailed foxes have a tie to the spiritual realm and dream world anyone?  You could have the ability change from X and Y games.  One should get drought (as it is such an amazing ability), while the other receives a ghost type ability.  Ghost typing would give it immunity to fighting/normal types and resistant to poison.  However, it would make Mega Ninetales weakened to Dark and Ghost, which I don't think is an absolute horrible thing?  Idk, maybe X and Y could have Ninetales have a fairy/ghost evolution depending on the game?  Just some thoughts and your picture could pass as a ghost as Ninetales always did seem ghost like.
IcyAzure's avatar
If only, if only.
Mearii-chi's avatar
Maybe one day in the very far away future that may or may not happen
Btw, thank you for the fave I really appreciate it~!
And your icon is sooo cute!! <3 Sylveon The Flesh Ribbon Lord
IcyAzure's avatar
Of course, and thanks >w<
KamenRiderStrike's avatar
This is the best one
Mearii-chi's avatar
Daaaw, thanks broskii-do! ; w ;
SaintLust's avatar
Haha I gotchu! Resent my pw to my email just for you <3
Mearii-chi's avatar
I love you sooooooo much ; w ;
You're the best x ) seriously you are!!!
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