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Cosmo Canyon

This one is a bit of fan art from Final Fantasy VII, it is my second favourite location in the game, rates just behind Midgar in my opinion. There seems to be a pretty big following for this old RPG, partly due to all the other material set in the same universe and partly because it was such a well imagined story, anyway this is my homage to it. There seems to be lots of great artwork out there of the characters, I thought mebbe some of the places deserved a bit of representation too. This was done using Photoshop, though I did have to construct a rough model of the place in Lightwave to get the layout right.
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Hey, could I use your Picture as background for an arranged Version of the Cosmo Canyon music on Youtube?
I would of course give you credit in the description, with a link to your Deviantart page.
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Did you do any more locations?
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so wonderful! This is my favourite place and story in the game! Many thanks for this piece of artwork!
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geez, gorgeous! Makes me want a remake even more! Really, so beautiful~
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Yeah I know what you mean, thanks
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So beautiful! Awesome work!
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amazing! great job man!
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Thankyou, and thanks for the fav
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Yay you finished it :D And damn does it look awesome!
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Thank you, yeah it took me long enough, probably could have built the thing for real out in Monument Valley or somewhere in less time.
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RoFL! The thought is amusing :)
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OMG Cosmo Canyon i love this place
the colours and style look amazing
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Thanks man, this probably took me a year, I kept leaving it and coming back to it here and there, it was kinda scary to do cos i wanted it to be as good and accurate as I could make it.
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and i say you did do it Accurate
coz i didnt even saw the name to is i just looked
at it and knew what it was =D
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That's good to know, I once showed my Ravage Pic to Kelly and she thought it was a Zoid. One of these days I might have a go at doing my Liger Zero though.
NitroDragonTrigger's avatar
Kool i want to do the Blade Liger VS the Geno Saurer
i have go to do that =D
MeanPete's avatar
You got a TurboKat to maike first Mr!
NitroDragonTrigger's avatar
DOnt worry i havent forgot ;)
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