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Deku Shield

By meanlilkitty
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Continuing my tribute to Zelda...The Deku Shield! Made this afternoon while I was waiting for a different prop to dry. Made from layers of pink insulation foam that I shaped with a dremmel then painted with acrylics. Tomorrow I'll attach a leather strap to the back so it can be wielded and a loop at the top so it can be hung on the wall. Sadly the picture doesn't do it justice, I hate to toot my own horn, but the wooden texture is AWESOME in person =D Tomorrow I may try to take a new picture in better light and hope it'll get some more of the detailed painting.

Now available on etsy! [link]
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I so want this for my LARP sessions.
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I love it! Only thing that bugs me is the shield's shape is backwards. The red-painted part is great, along with the wood texture. c: Great work!
meanlilkitty's avatar
haha I know! I did it without reference XD you think that someone who has made this shield so many times would have gotten it right!
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...why does the 'silly tongue' face look like it's dead?! : P
8-bitEarth's avatar
Can I just say you have amazing grass! oh and the shield looks pretty cool too :P
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i reallylove this!!! im gonna keep this inmind when i recreate my own deku shield i made[link]
GloriousAssassin's avatar
Man, I wish I could make something like this. O.o
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flash-mausal's avatar
I really love your work.
It's so real looking!!!
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
awesome, want one <333 XD
ElfMaster64's avatar
That is soo cool!
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da-parrot-masta's avatar
nice, you should try to make one of actual wood. Like they would have in Hyrule
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Now all you need to do is wait for the hero of time so he can buy it from your shop!
spazzer-bot's avatar
This is AMAZING!

I'm not entirely convinced you didn't steal this from Link himself! XD
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That must've taken a lot of patience, getting all the grooves in the "wood". Looks pretty dang good in the photo, so it must look amazing up close!
Exoplanet-2049's avatar
That is so cool. :) It looks like it's real wood.
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Nice recreation! ^^ Very cool!
AnthonyThePirate's avatar
Very realistic indeed. I like the use of detail, as it is very heavy.
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
That looks incredibly accurate! :clap: Well done!
ThunderManEXE's avatar
Aw dude.. got all excited cuz I thought it was real wood! lol I was like SO SIMILARRRR
XsanaanX's avatar
I do have like, a minitature Hylian shield, but this is way more epic :D
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THAT is THE most impressive thing I've ever seen!
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