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the key.

By meaneyed-cat
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my first tattoo.
it's the skeleton key from the movie 'Coraline', which you should all see, by the way.

done at mind's eye tattoo by the super fabulous Kiel.
detail shot to follow.
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Mar 23, 2009, 6:24:01 AM
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just love it.

(& love coraine btw)
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it glorious! :]
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I really like this! I wanted to get a really small version of the keys on my wrist, almost like a black stamp (just like that other person said). yours is really beautiful though!
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Thank you, and good luck with your tattoo!
I considered doing a black stamp kind of style, but with my small frame I was afraid it would just be too much black. As it is, the key takes up about a quarter of my low belly. Have you ever had black done before? Because as I discovered with the key, black in my skin has a tendency to bleed a little more than color.

I'd love to see a picture of yours when you have it done! :heart:
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You're welcome, and thanks!
That's very true. With a tattoo that big and bold on a small space, it would look almost cluttered. You're is very beautiful as it is [:
No, I've never been tattooed. I'm still too young to get one on my own wihtout my paarents signing for it. In a few years I will be able to get one though[: I'm planning out what all I'm going to get.
If we still have the same accounts, I will link you my pictures [:
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Usually I'm a bit put-off by teens who want to get tattooed before they really can, but you seem to be making the right choices about it. (: Good for you!

I would love for my next to be a low-back piece with significance for my family: a mexican sugar-skull for my grandfather who passed away before I was born, a nautical symbol for my grandfather who is like a father to me, and an owl for my grandmother. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to mesh those three things without it seeming awkward or out-of-place. I think if I could find a way to do them all in a "Sailor Jerry" kind of style, they would work together decently.

I know everyone always says this, but just make sure you really want what you get tattooed on you. The first time the needles actually touched me to do the outline of the key, I had this moment of "OMG I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!" panic... but it passed and now I'm so in love with my tattoo. (: I know how hard it is to wait but I also recommend waiting a little while before you actually do it. I wanted to get a tattoo on my eighteenth birthday and wound up waiting until this past April to do it. (: They're forever, so it can wait a little while, I figure.
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Well thanks! I'm glad I don't seem immature or anything about it. I know plenty of girls with the classic tramp stamp or things like that, but thats not what I think tattoos are for. They're all about stories, and honoring someone or something that mean the world to you. My first tattoo will be four stars either on the back of my neck, or on my right foot to represent my mom, dad brother and myself together. They'll all be entwined with some kind of whisps. It sounds generic, but its just to represent that sometimes it may not look like we're always on the same page or together, but no matter what we always are.

That would be an awesome back piece! The only thing other then that they are all very different objects, is that you said you had a petite figure, and it may be hard to fit all of the elements in the space of your lower back, while keeping the amount of detail you'd want. It's really awesome that you are honoring your grandparents like that. Grandparents are very important [:

I'm sure I'll have the same moment of panic, but I will certainly put a LOT of thought into my tattoos. My dad is a bit of a OCD/neat-freak/over-thinker and I got a small portion of his genes so I'd have to put a while into it ;P I will wait a while too, because depending on what area of work I go into, I want to make sure I get them where they can be easily covered. I want to go into theater, so I'll have to be careful.
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"Petite figure", yes. Last time I checked, my measurements were 25" around the waist and 29" around the hips. I basically have about an 8-9" swatch along the small of my back that they would have to work with. I know my tattoo artists are AMAZING, but I think I'll have to help them out with the design of this one. ;) The one thing I CAN NOT stress enough is to make sure you love who your artist is. I actually went to my tattoo parlor, Mind's Eye, about a dozen times before I even scheduled an appointment. I went inside, looked through the design books, talked to the guys who were free at the time about designs and the artistry behind it, and got my bellybutton pierced there also. By the time I got my tattoo, the artists there all knew me by name and even had their own nicknames for me (sweetheart, kiddo, et c). It made me feel so much better. My piercer actually sat with me and my mom while my artist was working. They were absolutely great.

That's a really cute design, actually! If it was me, I would do the right foot, but that's my opinion. It might look generic from afar, but if you explain the meaning behind it then no one will look at it like any other tattoo. The ability to hide a tattoo was really important to me also, because I'm going to be a preschool teacher (and hopefully someday open my own day care). I love the 'gun on the hip' tattoos even though I would never get a gun on my hip myself, but I adore the way my tattoo peeks out of my jeans. It's kind of flirty and sweet, but it's also a little sexy. ;) I just can't tell you how much I love my tattoo! People make fun of it sometimes, but I don't care. I love it. :) I hope you do too when you get yours.
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Wow, you are super tiny! It's really cool that you have that good of a relationship with your artists, but I'm glad you plan on helping them with the design. Oh, I totally understand what you mean. There is NO WAY I'd EVER get tattooed by someone I didn't trust, or didn't like. I'd be stressing out the whole time, and it wouldn't be a good experience for me.

I know this sounds like a really silly question, but how bad does it really hurt? I've heard very mixed reviews from different people. Some said they cried and others said it didn't hurt at all.

Thank you! I was planning on getting it on my right foot. I'm right handed and idk... everything just feels off balance on my left side (unless it's like earrings or shoes where I have a pair lol). I hate to wear braceletts or rings or anything on my left hand. I guess I'll have to get use to that though once I get married.. :P

Yeah, I always love to look at people's tattoos, but sometimes I question their better judgement on where they are and what they are. I've seen Nazi flags on a young man's arm and I've seen all kinds of anti-christ tattoos. It kind of makes you wonder where they'd get a job... or if they even have one.

I'm glad you love yours [: And I bet people only make fun cause they're so jealous, esp. because of how awesome the Coraline movie was!! And how awesome your tattoo it [: I'm sure I will love mine too when I get them
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I always was scared about the pain level too. I think it's different for everyone and if you go in expecting it to hurt like the dickens then it probably won't be as bad as you thought and vice versa... for what it's worth, I always thought I had a pretty low pain tolerance and couldn't handle much pain. They say the three most painful places to get tattoos are your ribs, the tops of your feet, and the inside of your hip, but I was totally fine for my tattoo. I will warn you that as they keep adding layers of color and shading to the tattoo it gets more intense but I think that's also because you have been in the chair for a couple hours by that point. On a scale of one to ten (ten being the worst) I was at a 4 for the first hour and a half, and for the last half hour/forty-five minutes or so it slowly worked up to a 6.5 - 7 area. It really wasn't that bad.

I'm right handed, but I actually feel more off-kilter if I have anything on my right hand and not my left, probably because I use that hand so much more. I've been wearing rings on my left ring finger since I was like, ten, so I'm completely used to it. My boyfriend's ring is too big for my ring finger so I wear it on the middle finger, but I feel naked without a ring on my left hand. I don't know why I got the key on my right side actually. I just envisioned it there I guess. (:

Sometimes I think people don't think about what they're getting put on their bodies. My mom's ex had a skull wearing a confederate flag bandana on his shoulder, but he got it when he was in the Navy and I guess the story is that he got really drunk on base in Alabama one night and woke up with the tattoo the next morning with no recollection of how it got there. But yet he won't get it covered up. Sigh. /:
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beautiful beautiful tattoo :D
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Thank you sweetheart!
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It's amazing. I love it ! ^^
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Thanks so much. I love it too ^^
great movie. i was actually thinking about getting a key from it, not quit that detail but more of like just a black stamp. anyways love the ink.
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Thanks! I thought with my body shape and the size of the tattoo (I weigh 100lbs. and the tattoo is four inches long) that all that black would just be too much. Unfortunately I picked the two most fading colors ever. Woohoo, touchups galore!
i know what you mean about the touch ups. I have a tattoo on each hip bone and they hurt like a beast. lol, both of them solid black, yay!
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Chyeah. It was only AFTER I got finished with the whole process that my artist says "Oh, and by the way - gold and purple are the colors that fade the most, so you'll probably need a lot of touch-ups." Grr... at least the touch-ups are free where I go!
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