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Pink Ballpointpen - tutorial

By Meanae
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Finally! I wanted to do this now for a long while. Beware, huuuuuge file =___=

Pattern is here: [link]

I know that my english isn`t the best. LEO has helped me with some words I hadn`t in my regular vocabulary (like dilute) - if you found some mistakes, tell me them :)

If there is something you don`t understand, don`t hesitate and ask me. I have made that thing now two times, I know how it works.

PS: The pink bookmark of death is also in the .jpg you have to download. Pretty easy: Cut it out, glue it together, paint it. I didn`t want to make the tutorial longer for 8 words.

PSS: Show me your pens and bookmarks! :D I love to see others making them!

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I'm trying to make this for a friend, can you more specific about whaat kind of "old ballpoint" and how to break it (did you mean snap it in half?)
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The ballpoint pen I used was easy to disassemble - I just pulled out the back with force (and broke it with that). But a normal one that you can just twist to get to the refill is good enough :)
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Nice, wanna try it... But sir can you please make the tutorial on 'How to make the Death Bookmark' ?
I would really appreciate that
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I didn't do a tutorial for it because its really easy to make :)
Print out the pattern (Here: [link]), cut out the bookmark sides, glue them together and color it the way you want.
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Would likr to use it ^^
KleinerKolibri's avatar
Mean the bookmark xD
Meanae's avatar
Thought that xD Go one ^^
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what happens when the pen dies? can you pull it out and replace it?
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Nope, you can't. :(
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Thank you so much! I needed this. (And it's pink! Isn't it lovely? xD)
Silver-Blaze-4-ever's avatar
JA COOL danke das hilft echt weiter
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And it's pink, isn't that lovely?
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I'm so gonna make one of those next week end...thanks for posting the tutorial and pattern.
Meanae's avatar
Great to hear that! I would love to see the finished pen :D
soupfairy's avatar
When I actually am able to make a decent one, you'll get to see it XD
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do we NEED the glue gun?
Meanae's avatar
Of course you can try to do it with regular glue, but I'm not sure if that will work (Havn't tried it myself).
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Ahem. I love you for this. "And it's pink, isn't that wonderful?" X3
Meanae's avatar
Love to hear that <3 Thanks!
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when boredom and undertaker strikes, this is what is created, and it will be soon ^^
DobeFox's avatar
No problem, cause I now know that in the case of boredom throughout the rest of the week it will be needed :D
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