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Joringe and Jorinde Page 2 by Meajy Joringe and Jorinde Page 2 by Meajy
Second page of my illustrated version of the Brothers Grimms fairy tale „Jorinde & Joringel“.

Jorinde & Joringel are walking in the woods for a little „privacy“ but then they get lost and the witch of the woods (the owl in the three) transform Jorinde in a nightingale.

(more about the Project, please read text from the cover page)
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spider999now Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
your illustrations are really good!!! OwO
plus i love the design! i don't really know what the story is about bc it's in german though xD haha but that doesn't really matter here!
Meajy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional
Hi there! Sorry for the late answer, I was a little too busy lately ^^"
Thanks so much for your comment! The story is about a young girl which is cursed by a witch and transformed into a nightingale and the journey of her boyfriend who is going to safe her.
By the way: I love your DerekXStiles Pics *_* and Supernatural, and... well, i think we've got the same taste of series ^_-
spider999now Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
it's okay xD i also reply late more times than i probably should :')
no prob! they really inspired me do work on my own illustrations i have to do for my final project in high school : )) so thank YOU xD!!
and the story sounds interesting : DD!
aww thank you ;U;!!! <3 
supernatural is still one of my all time fave tv shows! i need to catch up on the new episodes tho! but i can't find the right web site to watch it online for free : (( it was so much easier a year ago : P
Meajy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Professional
Hi spider!
And I'm late again XD
What's your final project for high school?
Supernatural is also one of my all time favorites. Altought I didn't finished it yet XD After Season 5 it went a little bit strange, I think they lost focus a little. But that happens alot with series lately. And I'm gona watch the last Season anyway, just because it's Sam and Dean (and Cas) and one of the best series ever XD
Maybe you can try It's a german site, but they have all the films and series also in english. I'm not sure if the streaming service works in all countries, but i use it since ages now and it's really reliable :)
Greetings from a early spring Switzerland ;)
spider999now Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
haha heii, and i am late as well :'D (uppss)
my final project is illustration for a poem (90 stanzas long! O_o) and the poem is kind of based on our (slovene) mythology : )) it features a few god and godesses from our pantheon but the main character is a normal man that searches for this magical forest (Vilindar- which is also the title of this poem) plus there's also a love story involved (of course) xD
i think i actually finished it a few days ago! :3 i still have to show it to my mentor and see if he confirms it tho TuT!

season 5 is my fave season of supernatural!! ;7; it has some of my fave episodes!
i did watch all the season so far but i fell behind with season 12 :'D i watched first 8 episodes of it and then stopped
i'm planning on catching up with it after i finish with school! (1-2 more months!!! >_<)
Meajy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Professional
spiiiider!! Im so bad in social media, its awful ;_; But i try to improve >_>

The mythology sounds amazing *_* Unfortunately is our swiss mythology not very interessting if not to say it doesn't exist U_U just a few  legends and they are more or less boring ^^" So I prefere "stories" from other countries.

You have finished school now? sad times ^_- i miss art school a lot... there you have time to work an your own stuff and not always "more important" things to do... but i try to change that and start drawing more own stuff (and post it >_>) ^-^

Think I will also finish supernatural one day. But for now im stuck in Gotham *_* And because of your work i'm thinking about starting with shadow hunters! This guys look veeeeeery interessting ^_-
spider999now Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
ohhh shi- is it november already??? :'D and this was replied in august?? yaaaay me xD haha

my country has quite a lot of different myths and legends... as far as i know xD a lot of them are probably just adaptations from other nations tho :'')

i have finished high school (secondary school of design) and am now attending Art Academy (university), so i'm not done with school just yet :'D
i have no idea what i would be doing if i didn't go back to school... find a job?? but where :'))... uhh can i stay young forever? xD

i am watching season 13 of Spn as it comes out, episode per episode- waiting one week for the next one is a nightmare :'D haha
:DDD yaaaas!! starting shadowhunters sounds amazing! i'm so happy my art helped with that >u<
have you started yet? or maybe finshed with it already since it has been months? xD haha
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