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ramen fullbody

quick sketch of my Ramen. I wanted to draw her in this style before i will start another project from my work xD <3
Yea, kinda looks like Repunzel, haha X'D

bleh, the weather is awful, i work 10 times slower today T_T

ramen is from my food set 'dollicious'
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I want to hug this noodle. ^^
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Now I want ramen lol. Great work!
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Is it alright for me to draw your personified ramen in my boss’s ramen shop she really loves the design
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one of my two favourites <3
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By far my favorite. I had one of my characters wear it:…
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It would be funny if she were a college student.
Oh, those students and their ramen.
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i luv ramen...and i luv this girl!!!! sooo beautiful!Yamato Blushing Icon 
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:000 cute! You should draw saimen (which is like the equivalent to ramen, but it's the hawaiian style) and ramen fighting. XD fighting over whose better
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i falled in love.
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i like the idea

bu wouldnt it be more proper if she was japanese ? seeing as thats where ramen originated from give or take
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You forgot Naruto. XD Lovely artwork, you have a great imagination!!
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Cani cosplay as her in the summer?
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I would just like to let you know that this, along with much of your other art, has been used as an adopt on Pinterest without your consent. I spoke with the theif, but she refused to remove it, claiming that it wasn't theft.
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RAMEN ARE SO YUMMY Hot Ramen Llama Emoji-18 (Eating Ramen) [V1] Lovely Shoujo (Eating Ramen Noodles) [V4] :eatramen: 
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I LOVE RAMEN ramen icon wanted new member 
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i want her hair. and her dress. actually, can i just be her? or eat her, either one.
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dat hair!!! I'm loving your food inspired collection! any chance you'd make a burger one :o
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WOW!!!This is magic! :D
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