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pork flavoured

dollicious' Ramen : )

more of her
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"Ahem....mind if I join you?" *Gets out a pair of chopsticks and licks lips*
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This made me smile :3
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Aaaaww so cute! :D
gaara-luvr-forever's avatar
OMG I would love to cosplay this!!!!!!
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Wow, this is so cool! I love the concept of her being noodles and bathing in the meat soup! XD
Kitty55Magical's avatar
Can I have some of your hair PLEASE!!!!!!
ToaTepsak's avatar
Ergh I can't even tell you how awesome and hilarious I think this girl is. That's just...genius. Brilliant. :faint: I want a ramen girl XD
barbrathesquid's avatar
ramen! delicious. (yet really fillingKitty Smile - NaNo18)
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Aw. Ramen is bathing in one of the bowls they serve in Chinese restaurants while washing with pig\bacon scented shampoo.

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Sooooooooo cuuuuuuute
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i love ramen soooo much (the food) i could frickin LIVE off it.
RossetteLovejewel's avatar
her bathtub looks like one of those bowls served in restaurants..
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I think that's the point ;)
Noodle-Panda's avatar
thats so cute its like different flavors for her air like the different flavors of ramen!!!!! I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK!!!!!! :squee:
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I can't look at my ramen the same now. I'm sitting here eating a stranger's hair.
Miso-Chan? Is that you?
Razzputen's avatar
Its adorable!!!!!!!!! U a genius!
Kez-Kez's avatar
she is just to cute to resist <3
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