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may be a bit creepy because of these eyelashes XD!
and aww so pale~
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I would love to see the full body for this!!
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I'm really looking forward for her full body. I simply LOVE IT!!!
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love her eyelashes :)
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I love the eye color and the fluffy 'do and dress pattern! That really says meringue!
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Try different skin tones.
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Hey, is it possible to art trade for a pizza bagel??? OuO
horseylover68's avatar
i luv ur drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its not creepy!

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i like the white eyelashes!
FunnyMaiMai's avatar
they just look so cool and fascinating
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Meringues are amazing.
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she reminds me of Effie Trinket. In a nicer form. So soft and puffy..moonflower 
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so elegant ~~~~ *^* :heart:
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she's so delicate and beautiful <3
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She looks so beautiful and soft in some way :heart:w:heart:
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It's so beautiful... and delicious!!
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This is one of my favorites. But I love your entire Dollicious collection! They're so cute and creative.
I can't wait to see all of their "full-body" drawings :dalove:
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not creepy at all
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This is one of my favorites. I really love the white eyelashes and her fingers ^^
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She's adorable! I'm especially fond of how you did the hair. It's very soft and wispy looking in a way that echoes the dessert itself really well!
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