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cartoon Ramen

just ramen in cartoon style
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Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, what a cutie!Love 
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WOW, very nice ramen girl.
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That's so adorable, also im kinda hungry now.
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this is adorable :D
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So cute!!😱😱
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┌┴─┴─┐-┘ ─┘| bro fist 
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Favorite Color: Yellow
Hobby: Swimming and hot baths
Loves: Food, especially eggs, beef, fish and soup, says she could lay herself in many different ingredients.
Hates: people calling her cheap and even junk(food) just because she has so many friends and even invites them to bath with her together.
Positive: has many different tastes and therefore can be adaptable for all her friends
Negative: Has a obsession for bathing, after exiting the bath often left the bathwater left alone.
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Ramen is my favorite character of yours Llama Emoji-18 (Eating Ramen) [V1] 
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ramen is so cute xD
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Very very cool and cute Conan Edogawa Emoji-02 (Cool) [V1] 
I really love that concept, and it's pulled of so well :)
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┌┴─┴─┐-┘ ─┘| bro fist 
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Neat. Noodles are the best things in life.
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Aw, goodness. You're making me hungry for ramen.
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I approve. =w= I do like me some ramen!

So, is she ramen personified, or would she also eat ramen?
She is ramen personified and she loves eating it.
And like her sister spaghetti, her hair is edible.
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She sounds like someone I'd get along with. ^w^
Aye, Ramen is awesome.
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