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By meago
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Picture i made few moth ago, and that was orginally a picture to my ilustration book MSEssentials, that's why i didn't post it, but now i'm decided to submit it, cause i made some posters also with this picture, and i wanted to give a little preview ^^

Meago and Mina. Meago is stupid, cause he totally doesn't get it XD He doesn't like to kiss and doesn't understant, why other people like it.
he's a total noob, and all what he want is a cookie D:

Meago, Mina © me
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© 2010 - 2021 meago
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Meago: but i want the cookie!
Mina: if you kiss me i'll give you the cookie.*holds cookie up in air and waves around*
Meago: you're mean!D:
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Ahhhhh kkkaaawwwaaaiiiiiiii
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It is from your sketchbook?
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haha awww how cute ^^
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wow It's great ! I like the sweet colors and the drawing's shadows ! :D
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thats so C-U-T-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ha ha, this is hilarious. ;P
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poor mina. i don't think she's ever going to get a kiss.
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is he teasing or twitterpated?!
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hermosa la imagen!!
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What tha heck is he waiting for?
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XD Meago - kun is so clueless!
Meago: What are you doing Mina? Is there something on my face?
Mina: (thoughts: almost there)
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lol ^^ poor meago...
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Notice the large nose on Mina it adds characterization . Art uses hair , eyes, and other things to denote character this is the first time I've seen nose .
He may be clueless, but I think it's cute! I'd totally kiss him!! If I weren't too shy to do it... Took me 9 months to be able to TALK my boyfriend... -.-'
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The guy is clueless XD
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Boże, a ja myslałam ze Meago to dziewczyna .,. Ten.. Meago wygląda jakby myślał WTF is goin on XD Dajcie mu to ciastko i wyluzujcie z całowaniem XD
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I love how you captured the moment! ^^
The expressions are drawn nicely.
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Uwaga! Będzie kiss. C8
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This is really nice. I like the colours used here.
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