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Various female clothes 9

some clothes again ^^
long time no see, heh XD but i'm trying to rest during christmas, and i'm so bored in bed XD

there're some my designs which were in my head for a long time, also some new things, plus Nerdie in full version X3 (and unobtrusive bloom is a design of Emily's clothes from the first chapter of my 'Reid Family' comic)

-other clothes
u can use but credit me please

model: Emily

p.s. thank you for all comments <3
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Do you do custom ones
Elmanii's avatar
Wow, your designs are awesome! 
If I ever saw them in person I'd definitely know who the creator is. ^_^
baileykat10's avatar
The "Don't Forget Me" reminded me of Anohana, and I almost started to cry T_T
lukaner-Z's avatar
Cool... Wish boi clothes had moar variety  T3T
JMTart's avatar
I love don't forget me
Vafiveh's avatar
Is the 'Don't forget me' Anohana? TT,TT
sahrabear's avatar
I wwould love to have the calm mind as a outfit
AngelJudasPriest's avatar
omg im in love with them
fire-tiger99's avatar
All of them are very beautiful. I like sunset garden the most, because it has such a beautiful color combination
ArkFrost27's avatar
Awesome designs! I like them. :)
Trying2FanFiction's avatar
All of you're clothes designs are amazing :D I might have to try and draw some of these :heart: *HUG* thank you for the general 'ok' on drawing your desings. Again your stuff is so pretty.
AriaKanzaki12's avatar
I used Sweet Red Grapes as a reference, I did credit you and here is the drawing if you wanted to take a peek.… It's gawd awful I know XD
jokerfailed's avatar
Picture:"dont forget me"
Me:"i wont forget you!"
rainbow-panda-chan's avatar
I used parts of second outfit in my drawing is it OK???
InspiringDrawings's avatar
wooow these are great inspirations, i love them!!
UmberGrace's avatar
I love the clothes there amazingly cool.
KGPark's avatar
the nerdy and the calm mind design are cute, and I like the sweet red grapes too
Sweet-Rice-Cake's avatar
Do you mind if i use the Sweet red grapes design?, and you are a wonderful artist with a unique style of art. I love it!
Cha0smic's avatar
That's so cute *u* ♥
MissReno2012's avatar
Pistachio & Chocolate is my fave!
MoonlightUi's avatar
Lovely clothes! :heart:
SweetHonestyKeysha's avatar
They Looks Amazing :clap:

This are Me: :D

Checked Black - Look neutral and amazing :D ^^
Nerdie - :D Like it :) Jijijijiji!!!!
Dont Forget Me - Because is white and blue and like the design
Calm Mind - Like it someting urban is good to have it :D
Sweet Red Grapes - Love it the color and the all fit :)
Black Orange - Maybe change in the name "black yellow" :D LIKE
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