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Little break

just lazy quickie pic :<

because i had some issues and i was in no-time mode, and i wanted to draw something quickly apart from things i must do D:
also i'm pretty happy, cause i started the last vol. of my comic, yay <3 ([link] *excited X3* ) but it last so lazy and slowly. But soon i will be total free and i will work bravely >D

on the pic: Emily's drawing but she make a break for sweets XD also she has hand made lightbox, lol inspired from myself, hot-dog-pencilcase, and cake plushie (<- i want these ones badly >: )

sorry for spamming you XD
i hope to draw something more decend soon, but i'm not sure because of wanna-finish-my-comic-finally-mode XDD
ps. bg sux badly again XD
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wow, it's really good!
squeakbotmagicnesss's avatar
ohhh, now i feel bad... i realized i must be spamming you with favorites and comments.....
kissmyassbaby's avatar
this room looks like your *-*
shikamylove's avatar
art and sweets. . . this is like me! XD
ChoMiCha's avatar
Wow! Its adorable :o
laesda's avatar
This is AWESOME!!

Oh! And this is exactly what I do during little breaks.

Hmmm... I think I'll go eat some sweet stuff right now!
emo2011's avatar
Wow this is epic :D
DemonicHalfShell's avatar
Hotdog pencil case...I want it. 8D
Animechick134's avatar
I think I should make you that cake plushie for a belated x-mas gift. =D
fIOMERA's avatar
Remindse me!!! I like it a lot!!
TyraPhoenix's avatar
Wee-haw she's drawing with her foot! :O_o: strangy :D But it's astonishing, just the way that she eats it's adorable! :heart:
Dante8411's avatar
Emily seems somewhat less passionate about cake than some people we know. Also, her legs are very thin.
Tiffarooroo's avatar
Mwahahah this is me. ^___^
diideuh's avatar
your art is so beautifull! sorry for the language, I'm french... ^^'
ka-jana's avatar
All your drawings are so amazing!
I want to read your comic but my computer's being all slow D:
TSaianda's avatar
Cool picture^!^^
skyraine's avatar
I just have to ask..where did you learn to draw,books? school? classes? You're amazing. <3
meago's avatar
years of practise (and few years of art high school - but mainly years of practise XD )
KakashisDolphin's avatar
Yes-horray for using your toes to hold the pencil! Her capris are adorable. I love your clothing.
Flitterpaw's avatar
This is a LAZY pic? D:
Good grief, you're talented!
xxelegantbeautyxx's avatar
i love that pencil case! xD
ilovezimandgir123's avatar
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