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August 12, 2012
Dollicious by `meago
Featured by princepal
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haha, finally done XD!
24 food related SDs ;;w;; it took me long time because of my job. But it was so fun to design each one, i totally want to do more, but i don't have enough time (at this moment) T^T sob~


oooh~ thank you for DD! :heart: ;;w;;
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Delicious and Beautiful!

DaddysChubbyBabyBunn's avatar
Hey I redrew these please check your messages
bubblyheart's avatar
I super like this... 
Queen-of-Ashes's avatar
these are so cute!!! i love gijinka, specially of food.
your characters are really lovely <3
Lollipopyou's avatar
Oh my God, they're all so freaking cute!
maimaraptor's avatar
'daww, so cuteeee!
SilverLilly2144's avatar
very cute! ^w^ =3 <3 However i think that the beer girl looks more like she would fit better with the much more classy and elegant title of champagne! 
TheOneNoodlesCat's avatar
Kitty1Cat2's avatar
All are so cute! 
My favorites are the Green tea and Spaghetti! 
hunterjuly4's avatar
Adorable. Very creative💖
YufeiL's avatar
Am I allowed to use your art work for school? Pls reply!
YufeiL's avatar
OMG! Look at how a amazing this is! Love it!Heart 
xXStarry-SkyesXx's avatar
Are we allowed to draw these? With credit, of curse ;v;
will you do a pine apple manga girl
goosetooth's avatar
I love green tea qvq (the character I mean)
LittleMissMaehem's avatar
I love Pina  Colada and Green Tea!
salteabee's avatar
They're all super duper cute. I applaud you. ;w;
ScienceHerWay's avatar
These are really cute and well drawn. Nice job :D!
WahiNyan's avatar
each one of them is adowwable.. :3
Dragonlordfan's avatar
Dragon Fruit, Banana, Green Tea, and Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream are my favorites!
smorez4me's avatar
Can you do full body ones of the waffles, strawberry, and apple pie???? 
I LOOOOVEEE your work btw, please continue making more.
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