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Clouds - Meago's way

I don't feel like doing tutorials, but many of my friends ask me for some tips for the clouds, so here you are.
i hope it will helps anybody ^^
these clouds are not very thoroughly done, i made them quickly, sorry D:

and sorry for letter and grammar mistakes, there is a lot of writing and mistakes loves me xD

now excuse me, i've got much work to do ;__;
but i'll try to draw sth soon
cya~ <3
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Very helpful tutorial ofclouds, thank you!
Burntherabbitout's avatar
I wish i had that fancy shmancy tool you use to blend stuff up
i should really get a tablet...
Tomasz1234's avatar
Patrze, a tu po polsku. Fajny tutek.
GetTheCrapOfMe's avatar
Doing clouds the Ally way!

The Ally way!

The Ally way!

The Ally way!

Doing clouds the Ally way!
Rozewsky's avatar
Thanks! This will help me a lot <3
Crimson-Soul16's avatar
Thank you very much for making this tutorial :)
The very start (the plain white clouds) is something I have not done before, but it looks exactly how I would like clouds to look. I will definitely try this method.

Good luck with all the work you have to do :dummy:
Thanks again :huggle: :heart:~
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Thank you for this! Really good tips! 
Linhchi-chan's avatar
Sorry if this question sounds dumb.But can I do it with watercolours,acrylics,copics and oilcolours too?*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) 
babonugu's avatar
this is helpful!^^ and btw, this may sound weird but can you do tutorials for ramen, i mean drawing food in a bit realistic way like in the pic above. if it's okay with you. thanks :)
aurrieccentric's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! It was extremely helpful. Hug 
Cuineth's avatar
This is very helpful! Thank you :hug:
Liettix's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial ! Very Helpful :3
Mikhairon's avatar
awesome tutorial you're realy really good!!!
Jensham's avatar
exorina888's avatar
Dzięki <3 Świetny tutorial :D
xo-Wish's avatar
Would you possibly make one in SAI? I dont have Photoshop ;u;
Cycasin's avatar
Very helpful!! Thank you for sharing! <3
CupcakeCarmen123's avatar
this ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Rock on-  (do you see what i did there?)
DaFreakyCookie's avatar
thank you so much for this great tutorial :happybounce: 
Rainiila's avatar
Very, very helpful!
I like it :3
God damn it I still can't do it lol.
poirierm's avatar
Thanks for this. Those are so beautiful!
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