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quick cheese portrait
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So cute! I love her expression!

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Did you assume the gender of Cheese? YOU HECC
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I came here because reasons my name can't explain
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Favorite Color: yellow
Hobby: often only laying around. Sometimes goes to parties with her Friend Grape
Loves: Pizza Parties. She is nearly always there when Pizza is served.
Hates: Hot weather. Would lay in Cellars for months if it is cold enough.
Positive: Really ripe for her age. A natural beauty.
Negative: A few people say she has an odor problem. Some even say she was seen with mold in her hair on occasions.
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I wonder what happens when someone who is lactose intolerant kisses her.
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Whoa, death by diarrhea. I wonder if that's a metal song?
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This is so cute!! I love all your art.
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that's just too cute!
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That's cute. And you can really hear her say cheese too, very good :)
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Adorable! Cheese is my favourite Pizza Club character and this picture just makes me want to smother her face with kisses!
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Looks like my sister! (Which works 'cause she likes cheese.)
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