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Calm oasis

ohmygosh so awsum i love my new pc and graphic card and all inside *O*
i can colour on 25% zoom by 100px and more brush size and it's going super smoothly~ I'm in heaven ;____;
i'm sorry but i'm so excited and happy. Finnaly I've got sth pro and it's my very own .

random picture for test my new baby~ <3 (but i made the lineart on the old one)
Emily in half transparent spring dress standing on the wooden cottage porch in the forest ( because i'm still lazy for ambitious bg XD ) ooh i love my lazyness~

Emily © me
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© 2009 - 2021 meago
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I love that dress. Love Love +fav +fav Heart Heart 
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Oh, that's a beautiful drawing!
Just cawaii=!
Do you children book? If yes e mail me please: .
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I adore the dress.
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Wow Emi - chan looks really pretty. She always does but still.
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most girls in your pics have white hair but not take is badly please
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cause they're two the same girls all the time lol
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you are very talented this is so pretty, great job :)
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its very beautiful
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love the dress she's wearing! :O
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really nice... love it
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Oh my gosh!!!! as soon as i saw this i knew you made it! :D yay! So pretty :love:
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So pretty! Such an elegant and cute smile. :)
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This is one of my favorite pictures of my favorite of your characters. She's just so beautiful, and her clothes are splendid.
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i love how you can see through the cloth- not in like a way you cant tell it's see through but in the most perfect way.
insparation :]
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I love all your work, it really is amazing ^^
I can't wait to see more!
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The colors you used simply are pretty~ :love:
the dress she's wearing really beautiful, it fits her unpretentious and her cutie as well X3
you like to design or something like that?
all characters you drew usually has his own design and not hackneyed XD

really great works as usual, hope your drawings came with that easy and smooth as you like :love:

sorry for my bad English too :\
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Oh my lady, your gentle ways and your beautiful face has enchanted me

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