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CG speedpaint - meago's way

My way of making digital speedpaints.
I decided to make new "meago's way" cause current tut is pretty old XD
It's a described step by step of my latest picture:

sorry for the mistakes ;____; I sux so badly~~ D:
i'm sure there's a lot, especially grammar and letter mistakes but i was too lazy to check all again XD so don't tell me there're many mistakes cause i know it xD
but i hope it's still comprehensible xD
and making tuts is so tiring D:
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Thank you! Thil will help me a lot! `u'
Do you draw with a pad? Then I also need one. But they're more expensive than my TV. TToTT
Scattered-Critiques's avatar
there's one available for only $99 (plus tax, but it's not much)
Maxtendo's avatar
Wow, sounds awesome! Could you send me a link or something? :3 I saw one for 89€ but maybe it isn't that good. From Bamboo or something. :P
Maxtendo's avatar
Wow, looks very amazing! :D
Thank you! :3
MissChibiArtist's avatar
This is a great tutorial! It was so helpful! You explained everything very well. Thank you!
Lunna20's avatar
I LOVE IT!! but which program do you use?
xxWynnStarxx's avatar
Apparently, kittyfelixx said I draw anime as well as you do... I didn't know who you were  at first, so nice to meet a fellow anime loving artist~
CriSparrow's avatar
Hi! Great picture! But I wanna awsk you something: how did you do the background? I mean, I can't choose the colors that I want! :-( can you help me? *.*
Sonita-X's avatar
One of the most clear tutorials I've ever seen! Thank you very much! :3
kasumi-n-hikari's avatar
Very helpful :)

~<3 kasumi
namea's avatar
[link] thanks!! Sorry if it doesn't look as good but I will get better with practice! :iconsaluteplz:
CazyBunny's avatar
how is that a SPEED paint .___.
Azorium's avatar
Thanks so much! I use photoshop as well... and this is sure to help my shading!
tomboyrulez99's avatar
so complicted -_- I wish i could do that
Animefreak0055's avatar
Are you drawing with your mouse or with such a pad? btw your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for this helpful tutorial! :)
mizu624's avatar
omg your a life saver. I am still getting the used to my paint program thank you so much
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