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Aurie sketches

aww byebye artblock : D I've got an inspiration now
I bought new Winsor&Newton sketchbook, some pencils, and other stuff to draw : DDD yay!
so I've try them and I drew some sketches of Aurie's design - my OC from my old comic, which will be reactivated in the future : D
hahah, now I've got a power to continue work on my currently comic (MeagoSaga) *goes to work* <3

argh some complains now XDD - I hate my skaner D: the shadows (by my new H2 pencil *^_^* ) looks so poor here >.>'' anyway I hope you like it :3

sorry for my english XD'
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the artstyle reminds me of full metal alchemist. i love it
luckyducky1402's avatar
I love this. May I fav this?
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Whoa, ona wygląda jak Mina, tylko sposób, sposób z powrotem w dzień, ale nie za daleko z tyłu, lub dać kilka haha :)
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Please answer this!!! I would really like to know what winsor&newton sketchbook you use! I've been searching for one forever and I can't find a good sketchbook. Please tell me what the sketchbook is called
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Beautiful! I especially like the one where she wears clothes from the 1920's. I think the clothes back then were good-looking.
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Nice Sketches! Do you mind if i use your sketches Ill credit you and fave this art?
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I love Aurie's Designs and outfits <3 <3 *Takes the outfit that almost looks like Lacus Clyne's Civilian outfit from GSD XD*
Suiryuu-Hime's avatar
so cute! love the outfits!
you are an amazing artest
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
I agree with Iyasha. Aurie does look a little like Full Metal's Winry. Well, either way, great job on both the poses and the clothing.
SailorLi's avatar
jaka ona śliczna na tej części z wachlarzem <3 Znaczy wszystkie są piękne, ale tamten mi się szczególnie podoba ^_^'
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Aurie jest taka śliczna *v* Bardzo mi się podoba, a z rysków wynika że ma dużo zdolności i jest bardzo miła XXD
Iyasha's avatar
She kinda reminds me of Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist(the face, at least)
YourFavoritePlayDate's avatar
I love old century drawings with the classic old tradition boutiques. Fav. :)
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She's adorable!! You're an amazing artist!
Fullmetals-Lover's avatar
Amazing work!
The anatomy is perfect. ^ ^

Trust me, I would die to have your scanner. Mine won't even pick up pencil lines.
cursedhope's avatar
Wow. How did you design all those clothing? They're absolutely gorgeous!
MelChlor's avatar
wow! i start loving the anime:) Pretty Cool!^^
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These are gorgeous!
Zackypenguin's avatar
Can I use your Aurie sketches as references?
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