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September 18, 2009
Artblock by *meago is something every artist can relate to.
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Inspired by latest artblock, lol XP
I really wanted to draw someone with artblock, and Emily is the only one from my oc's who's drawing well, so Emily again OTL

Angles are not my strong point, but i like draw them (even i failed)
also wanted to have some fun with lighting - evening, dark room and lamp desk lighting only. Heh i don't know if it's correct in some places, but anyway, i'm still practising so forgive me >.>

oh, i think i drew annoyed Emily first time 8D

...and how are you looking with artblock at 1.00AM? XD

p.s. it's only my screen, or there're a weird stripes on her skin? O_o (in jpg on my HDD looks normal D: )

Emily © me
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foxheadTails's avatar
Very relatable. And an interesting choice of angle.
Kurai-Akuhei's avatar
Sometimes there's a pile of eraser shavings next to my sketchbook... Good times.
moonjumper4's avatar
Can you give me tips on drawing mouths please?
Reddberrie's avatar
I have had art block for a lot of months now and I cant get rid of it no matter what.
Its gets so frustrating that I want to give up.
does anyone have solution?
Duper's avatar
ahh... looking back through my favs.. this is STILL awesome! ^_^
Skyrider-1's avatar
-_-"  Artblock... it gets us all..  ;)  Nice pic!
Wambling's avatar
Hah that is awesome!
oreokeki's avatar
Know this feeling all too well
JRockChocolate's avatar
I am so glad I found this. This photo is posted all over the internet and I am happy to find the original artist.
I LOVE THIS PHOTO! That's all I wanted to say~ lol <3
musicbxgirl5's avatar
I know that feeling.
EnteGeminis's avatar
Happens to me sometimes :/
aandongeng's avatar
like me huhuhuhuhu T_T
Kushami-Aru's avatar
Artblock. I hate it. So much. I have been sitting in front of my computer for... about six hours without drawing a single thing that would look good. I'm so tired... .____.
GamingHunter's avatar
omg I'm not alone:o (Eek) ... I've been having a artist block the past weeks when it comes to my drawings and I'm not amused w/ my work I just keep at it even if my hands started to bleed and blister.... I just:| (Blank Stare) ...ugh I'm a check in the hospital now.... crap....No, I disagree! but still Awesome piece Nod 
nanmernoe's avatar
Ha.. I totally understand
xXP0CKYXx's avatar
Its me :iconpapcryplz:
this artblock thingyyy itsss tiring im out of ideas :iconlazycryplz:
nanmernoe's avatar
I feel you bro.
lithnightrose's avatar
She looks like me when I'm haveing art block eating food and erasing like a beast tehe but would be on my drawing tablet not paper :/.
dragon-drawer78's avatar
That is how I look when I draw, according to my friends at least. XD
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