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Numix - Glimpse of the Future - Wallpaper

The official wallpaper for the Numix project.

You can request as print from here:…

Visit the official Numix website

You can find the Numix gtk theme here -… , the icon theme here -… and the desktop icon theme here -…
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Are you guys still working on this? I am long time linux user and, now that I have a job, I want to start helping creators out for they helped me when I was starting. I was trying to surf in your web-page but most of the articles there were not found when I wanted to add them to my kart.
Hey. I already purchased the Glimpse of The Future Slideshow for Ubuntu 14.04 through the Ubuntu Software Center. NowI have installed Ubuntu 16.04 and I have found that the slidewhow is not available for this version of Ubuntu. Will it be available soon? Thanks
Not to add to the whining about the price, but...

You guys do wonderful work, I'd really like to support you, and this wallpaper is pretty cool.
However, the deviantART pay system is less than ideal.  I signed up specifically to purchase this, and as the minimum amount of points I can buy is 400 for $5.  It seems like I'll be paying $2 to deviantART just for the transaction/hosting, so 2/5 of my money isn't even going toward the artists.

There isn't any chance you are selling your work via any other site that has a better purchasing system? I, for one, would be willing to pay $4 if I knew the money was actually going to the artists.
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We are working on web store.
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Nope. Some of us make a living off the project (namely me) and I need money to function.
Plis!! just this once =(
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I can't, fullstop. Imagine you go to the grocery and buy cucumbers. Then you see a guy after you in the waiting line getting them for free, because he has asked the owner with "Plls" just this ones". Lot's of people have bought it already, if I give you to you for free I will be basically screwing up all of them. Double standard is bad.
This and the fact that this is a product and we (Numix team) are free to charge for it.
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Happy to clear things up. ;)
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this is beautiful, but i wish i had money :(, could you offer a free low-res version?
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Not really as that would be a double standard for the folks who have bought it. But I can offer you a bundle of ace looking free Numix wallpapers. :)
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Keep up the good work. I purchased your theme and wallpaper today. This was the fresh look my unity desktop needed.
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Thank you! Do add the desktop icon theme PPA to get daily update, though. :)
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The icons are 2$ but the wall is 3?
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Because the wall takes significantly more time and effort than icons. It took me 5 days (sketching, calculating and GIMP work) to make it and it was really challenging.
Icons (albeit 248 of them) are done by template and all they need is just a symbols and recolouring the background and this is significantly easier (more tedious, though) then creating a wallpaper.
Cheers! =)
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Wow didn´t expect that ._.
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Yeah, it's not easy. It's fun, though.
So, it's basically 3 USD for 5 days of work (a few hours per day), which by any standard is really cheap labour.
We are planning on extending Numix, however in order to do that we need money and any help is welcome.

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