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Deco Sweets Contact Lens Case

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I decorated my contact lenses case!

The one on the left is a yummy scoop of strawberry ice cream on a patch of whipped cream. On the right are strawberry, blueberries, and cookies nestled in whipped cream.

Want a request or commission? Feel free to send me a note!

Made with polymer clay and love.

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Image size
1600x1200px 1.22 MB
Canon PowerShot SD870 IS
Shutter Speed
1/15 second
Focal Length
5 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 29, 2010, 9:08:38 PM
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LazAthaskaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow, they're truly pretty! *__*
The one of the left is so real x3
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thanks! :D glad you like it ^^
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i mean i dont have any glasses either XP
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I dont have contacts but i definitely love the idea! I first saw it on ellebans channel on youtube but this is awesome-er! :P I want something like this on my contact lense cases but alas i dont even use contacts XP
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ohhh lucky 20-20 vision xD you can always decorate other stuff.. likeee.. idk jars or something.. LOL my mom bought me a few little jars from taiwan, actually :O might decorate those and see what happens xD
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hahah i guess XP but i think i have bad hearing problems cause peopel get annoyed when i always say, 'huh?' either that or its just selective listening XP
hahah i did ;) i decorated a jar and a ruler (random) lol and i found some ipod cases that my bro tbh got with his reebok sweatshirts a LONGGG time ago lol they gave a ipod nano 1st and 2nd gen case and an ipod video/classic case lol i decorated em but sadly theyre silicone cases lol so they were really flimsy :(
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aww, it's okay the same thing happens to me xD i should stop listening to all that loud music.. LOL
slogheajlkgfa upload picturesss! :D ooo i wanted to decorate one of the silicone cases for an ipod touch? i think it was.. for a gift which i ended up never making xD
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ahahah yeah, thats what my mom says XP i use my earphones a lot becuase im awake pretty late at night and i watch movies on netflix heheh i <3 summer cause of that XP

hahah i will i will :) Theyre not the greatest lol trust me. especially the ipod cases. i got tired and sped the process up :P
well, i think if youre gonna decorate a case for an ipod touch, get the harder ones lol and if you want clear if youre covering the WHOLe case lol
hahah trust me ive been there XP i was making bracelets with my friend for our teachers at the end of the school year! We bought the supplies and everything and started on them but never finished XP
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Hahaa yeahh me too! I need to catch up on my anime >< SO MUCH TO WATCH! so little time.. lol haven't been able to lately because of summer classes D:

Pshh I still wanna see! ^^ your stuff is cute in general! so i'm sure this won't be any different :D yeahh i figured the hard cases would be better xD But i don't wanna be in a rush to buy on since I don't have one (though i hope i do in the future) at the moment, and unless someone commishes meh i don't wanna go waste moneh on it hahahaa

ahh i hate that xD i wanna finish stuff!!! ><
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Hahah what animes do you watch? :) The animes i used to watch were naruto and some of bleach but then i quit cause of school :3 Naruto got boring anyways >.< At shippuden lol i used to watch it a lot with my brother XP Well summer classes can be fun cause if you didnt have em, youd be like me lol a sloth all day with the messiest room in the world XP

Aww thanks!Omg youre soo nice <3333333
Hahah maybe if you know like a close friend or relative and its their birthday you can make something for them :)

Hahah same! But i quit on finishing it cuase my friend has all the supplies at her house XP I have ugly beads XP
me0w-kittyy's avatar
Hmmm I haven't watched a lot lately D: Still have to keep up with FMA Brotherhood xD Umm.. Yeah I stopped watching because of school as well hahahaa I used to watch Naruto too! I stopped at like 50 in Shippuden though xD I started reading Saynara Zetsubou-sensei a while ago.. xD I wanna watch Kuroshitsuji actually.. But yeah.. xD

Hahaa true, I enjoy my classes xD but I'm a bum anyways.. LOL No wayyyy! You can't compare to my room. I mean I was forced to clean it now.. but my floor was nonexistent!

Haha no probs! ^^ Ahh I should haha I need to work on my stuff D: summer classes end already!!!
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I definately wouldn't mind having something like this for my contacts. I fancy the one on the right.
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Would you like a commish? :O
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I would love to, but unfortunately, with my situation, I am going to have to decline. Perhaps I might ask you later in the future, because I am definately interested.
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This is sich a cute idea! :D
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Hehe wish it were edible xD
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great idea and cute too.
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