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Vector in Photoshop 7 - CS2

By me-myself
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Finally done! whoah!
I've had a few problems with dA about this, because it wanted it less than 10 megapixels, so I hope this works :\

It describes how to vector cars, and it's based on [link]

Note: Everyone has their own vectoring style, so you'll evolve after a few vectors from this tutorial. Make sure, that if you a vector a car from this tutorial, drop me a line so I can favourite it ^^

And the stock image which I used in this tutorial is available at [link]
It think that's it....
oh yeah!
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tariqbaig19Student Traditional Artist
can you or anyone explain what to do in the gradient layer ? i did the window and the tint. Also is it "combine shapes" for the pen tool with path option selected ? 
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Thanks man!
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how many hours/days did it consume you to do this?
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RobertStudio22Student General Artist
great tutorial
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pradyumdesikanStudent Digital Artist
One heck of a tutorial...... i luv dis......
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Thank you so much for this Tutorial. I followed it and it helped me out a lot. I put a link in my Comment box to this tutorial and credited you. :)
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My first comment on here. Great sutff! Learned it good!
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HarmonicSonicHobbyist General Artist
This looks like a great to tutorial for a vectoring noob. Thanks!
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vanheartHobbyist Photographer
I've tried this, over and over, for more than 3 days and nights!

I can't do the highlights part though, it's too mush precision for me.

It's ok on this RX-8, but I tried on an evo, and...aaaah!!! end up in fustration x_x

Mostly because I'm still learing how to use the pen tool.

Thanks to this tutorial, I've learn some new techniques for my future works.

I haven't gave up yet, we'll see what's going to happen.

Your tutorial is great, wouldn't mind to see a 2nd version of it :XD:
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w0w its really cool.......... i will try my self
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mm.. link isn't working, I'll try again
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Thanks for the great tutorial! heres a link to my work [link]

Just learned to use the pen tool the day before I found your tutorial so, some of my lines suffered, but I didn't think I'd even come close to what I did get!

Thanks so much! =)
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good work, man [link]
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can you upload your PSD. Im confused creating layers.

Thank you
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Miotas-SiscealHobbyist Artist
Hole picklesticks. I never had any idea that vectoring would be so...... difficult... xD But a very great tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to make one for us <3
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Great effort

Deserves admiration

Thank you
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lol, thanks for this... why not use illustrator?
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could not be explained any better ^^
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webblaster48Student Digital Artist
wow nice tutorial i finally did something similar u can check it on [link] i know it isnt far enough as better as yours but ill keep improving myself
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Thanks a lot for the tutorial, really helped me out getting started at this vector/vexel thing. Please take a look at my first attempt if you can spare some time: [link]
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All right! Thanks a lot for the tutorial! I'm going through it to try and make my first vector car, and I think it's going smoothly so far. Feel free to take a look if you have some time to spare ^^
Yeah it's not much, but it's the farthest I've ever got doing a vector car :D All thanks to you! Cheers mate!
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Hey, I got to the part where you cover the mirrors in black, with the Interior layer but I can't figure out how to stop the Right Mirror from getting covered in black, it turns out like this [link]

Help me please?
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I had this problem too, but I figured that "left" meant left on the picture and not on the car... So in fact the right mirror (on car) must be the one in the "Extras" top group.
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Awesome tutorial, cant wait to try it out
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