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hi, thanks for the tutorial. I started to learn digital painting, but i can't find the good brush. do u have a good brush for digital painting? at least like your art. thank you :)
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Thanks for the tutorial!
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This is such an helpful tutorial. It is hard to find good tuts like yours. Keep up the good work please!
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Great tutorial, really helpful!
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Great tutorial. Especially helpful when it comes to doing the shadows, and the very detailed portion on the eyes was VERY helpful. Thank you so much!
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I´m going to star painting! Thanks for your tutorial, it´s going to help me a lot!
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Thank you so much for posting! This should help me a ton!
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This tutorial is probably one of the most helpful, in terms of painting, for me, that I have found so far.
Would you be willing to link to the brush used in this? :o
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Thank you! I've been having a hard time getting the style I want, and now I'm almost there. Hug 
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, i used a lot of the points in them to paint the best portrait I've ever been able to paint :)
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Thank you so much for this! I used it to paint a portrait (I'm just a beginner, and had no idea where to start), and I'm happy with the way my first effort turned out. I still need practice, but this worked out really well! :) 
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Thanks for a great tutorial!
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You are amazing, thanks so much for making this tutorial!
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I used this style here…! Can't thank you enough! Made everything faster and clearer!
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Do you 'merge layers' each step you create this?
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Yes you can merge layers between the steps. once you get more comfortable with it your more likely to use fewer layers.
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what a nice tutorial.
seriously you are... gorgeous. Thank you for all of this :'3
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very helpful. ) thank you!
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Thank you so much!!
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