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May 28, 2010
Mortain Raid - cockroach by ~MDzin
Featured by KeremGo
Suggested by sweetychan
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Mortain Raid - cockroach

Well... to me that job was kind "disgusting" to get references or something. hehehehe Its full 3D. The idea is to show whats happening while you are not at home.

Modeling: Luis Ramos, Flavio Calegaro and Hugo Dionisi

Shade / Texture: Marcos Falcão Filho, Luis Ramos, Hugo Dionisi

Lighting: Marcos Falcão Filho

Retouch: Raphael FS ( Faria Silva )

- - - - -

Title: Barata Invasora . Client: Mortain - Raid . Agency: Euro RSCG - Brazil
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In a parallel universe
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I fav this a few years back.. but never commented on it...unique & fabulous!!
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Well, if he can cook he's welcome into my home anytime! He just needs a little chefs hat!
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*squeamish protests* I've been looking at roach art to try and get over my fear of the little devils.... This one is pretty terrifying. Well done.
GReat Work! Very creepy almost makes the skin crawl!
Nice work .. What software have been used to make the whole design?
Lol xD
love it :D great work ;)
Anyone else just itching now?
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seu trabalho está participando de uma enquete com o "melhor dos melhores" no grupo #brasil [link]
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trabalho selecionado para o "mehor dos melhores #07" :)
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O My God!!! If I found that thing in my house, I'd just about die of fright!
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very very very cool
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This reminds me of some silly Wikipedia vandalism I saw once, saying that a species of South American roach is known for making home-cooked meals and can work as a personal chef. XD
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I'd name it Steve and go on conquests for snacks with it.
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Ohh! This is probably the loveliest thing I saw today. Reminds me of Kafka's novel.
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nice work + ideA but ew ew ew ew xD i hate this bug, hate it so much,
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I like this. Are you a Franz Kafka fan? This image has what most 3D-works miss: humour!
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It's like a scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...or Joe's Apartment lol
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OMG, honey we have a cockroach in the kitchen and she's cooking diner!!! (Depending on the sex I can throw my wife out ;-)
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