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The Destined Flowers

By mDuo13
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This is an original drawing of an original character, done by hand, scanned and colored in Photoshop CS. Yes, I'm aware the binder-paper lines are still visible in the shaded sections, and yes, the strange blending with the background is intentional. The glow created by the feather almost makes it like the glow of rain as it pitter-patters off her shoulders.

I need to work a lot more on learning to draw hands, and the rest of the picture is merely OK. I like the overall way the picture came out, though.
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Hey! I remember this! Nice work on it! ^^
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nice job ^^
I would say add more folds to the clothing, and hands are about proportionally similar in size to the face. yours should be larger, but not neccesarily as large as the face. ^^; and the background doesnt really look like rain...
well you can always try making some dots with the brush tool and then going to filter->blur->motion blur vertical and then play around with that. it might work.

well good luck and keep drawing!