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Neko Kasumi

By mDuo13
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I have once again collaborated with to put together a high-quality coloring. This one is a catgirl version of Kasumi from Dead or Alive. The lineart was submitted to a contest for the Masquerade badges at Fanime '06, but was rejected on grounds that the character wasn't really recognizeable - as I had warned ahead of time, because without the colors, it is rather hard to tell. So, I set out to rectify the problem by rendering Neko Kasumi in all her blue-and-white glory, but along the way I stopped to vector basically the entire drawing with the pen tool in Photoshop, which really was a much more time-consuming process than I had anticipated. It did, however, make the end result incredibly cleaner than the kind of thing I'm used to putting out. I'm pretty happy with the way the highlights came out - I used a quicker and easier technique to do it, and yet it came out about as good as the highlights for anything I've done so far; and the shading, was of course, my normal practice, only made a little easier with Clipping Masks. Counting a break of more than half a year, this is probably the slowest-going cg I've done to date, but it's pretty worth it IMO. Oh, and the background is a slightly modified stock photo. I figured, a beach scene highlighted the right colors and fit into that silly DoA Beach Volleyball thing...
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More Kasumi please :)
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MythicxGamerHobbyist Digital Artist
That is so Ba , i love it
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DoodIeZombieHobbyist General Artist
i like it it looks awesome and at the same time it looks like a chibi, the clothing is awesome and background, but i wished you worked on the eye
MISTofDESTRUCTIONHobbyist General Artist
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WOW dude awsome work on kasumi i think its one of the best i even seen
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this is really cute!
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So Cute!!! ^_^
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Kasumi as a catgirl Im in love.
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kupocoffeeStudent Digital Artist
Great colouring :D
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its so adorable i luv it!:clap:
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Thats a really beautiful pic. I love the way u CGed it. Wow I'm soo jealous
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That is so cool. You really emphasise the blue colour. Do you like blue? I do. You should see my blue rose pic [link]
and my blue leaf pic [link]
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