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Mad Delusions
Where does reality end? Where does fantasy begin?
At what point does honest observation devolve into mad delusion?
I have often asked myself these questions. I’ve looked as hard as I can into my soul, stared into the abyss for so long that my other half waves back at me. I’ve looked so deeply into my own reflection that I’m not even sure which side of the mirror I’m on anymore...
And yet... I still haven’t found the answer. I honestly can’t see the line; where truth ends and story begins. Does it really exist? Are there really points of the human psyche I can’t even begin to understand? Things I lack the basic mental tools to even begin to grasp?
Living my life as an observer, always on the outside of the world I thought I belonged to... maybe that’s just it. Maybe I’m just fatally flawed, lacking in the basic tools of human understanding needed to really see individuals for who and what they really are...
*sigh* In the dark of
:iconmage-the-observer:Mage-the-Observer 1 6
The Lonely City
A rail runs through my city. No one gets on, no one gets off. The train doesn't even stop here anymore. No roads lead here, and nothing interesting ever happens.
Once upon a time, a long time ago now, people came to this town on the rail. But that type of train doesn't run through our part of the country nowadays. People aren't interested in a place that no roads lead to anymore, and even if they were... there's no way to get here. My city isn't even shown on a map.
A long, long time ago, the trains would take the food we grew here, and sell it to the bigger cities to give them something to eat. Now, most people get their food from other countries, and I just try and grow enough to feed myself. After all, there's no one else here to feed.
There were others, of course. But over time, they've died off, moved away, or else... just disappeared. I don't really blame them. If I had any place to go, I probably would've left myself.
A rail runs through my city. No one gets on, no one comes off
:iconmage-the-observer:Mage-the-Observer 4 2
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On tapastic, I've noticed that the list of comics creators sorted by popularity seems to reach all the way to the end, meaning you can deliberately and easily look up the least popular comics on it. Tapastic counts people who never made a comic as unpopular authors because no one subscribes to them, but you can't look back more than five pages when looking at the comics themselves. In any case, I figuted this would be nice for looking up
And apparently at the halfway point you have dumb things like screenshots of anime being used as test images to see if the software works being left up. At 1/4th away from the top, there's mostly comics that stopped updating over a year ago, though I did see one exception after looking through a few of them. It doesn't seem bad, and I think I'll look through more of them later.
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