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Thunderbirds Episode 3 Tele-Snaps

By MDKartoons
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72 Tele-snaps for Episode 3 of Thunderbirds, "The Perils of Penelope".


"A new rocket fuel produced from sea water, used to power the Sun Probe on its historic solar flight, has been developed by International Rescue's Sir Jeremy Hodge in partnership with Professor Borender. Sir Jeremy and Borender attend a conference in Paris two days after the Sun Probe's launch, but then Borender disappears from a monotrain during a journey to Anderbad. Sir Jeremy calls in Lady Penelope to help find his friend.

They meet in a Parisian Café, where Lady Penelope narrowly avoids drinking poisoned Pernod. As he flees, the culprit leaves behind a matchbook emblazoned with a heraldic crest. Tracking down the crest in the heraldic archive, Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy are trapped in the basement as gas is pumped in, but they are rescued by Parker. Sir Jeremy explains that the process he and Borender have developed could contaminate the world's oceans and shift the balance of power if it falls into the wrong hands - and someone is clearly out to see that it does!

Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy retrace Borender's steps by taking the express monotrain to Anderbad, but the evil Dr. Godber is aboard. He arranges a power failure as the train enters the Anderbad tunnel and kidnaps Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy, taking them to his tunnel hideout in a control sub-station where the pair are reunited with Professor Borender. To force Sir Jeremy and Borender to reveal the secret of their process, Godber ties Lady Penelope to a ladder and lowers her into the path of the Anderbad Express!

Virgil and Gordon arrive at Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped! Virgil shoots the rope which holds Penelope in place and she falls out of the path of the train just as it comes hurtling through the tunnel."


Though technically the 12th episode in production order, these releases will be in their original broadcast order. There is no on-screen title for this episode, just like Episode 1, so you won't see one here for that reason. Some copies of the episode, the one I snapped from for example, had a specially made on-screen title, but since it's not original, I didn't snap it... Hope that makes sense to someone out there.

Incidentally, this is one of my favourite episodes of the show; the climax is great. The shoot-out between Gordon and Dr. Godber, the choice of music in the scene, and the fact that it's done like a modern day stereo-type melodrama, with Lady Penelope tied to a ladder hanging in front of a monorail track. The episode is a classic.
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When this episode was released on video by Carlton in 2000, they added an onscreen title against FAB1 driving through the night after the Sun Probe launch and likewise for Trapped in the Sky, they added an onscreen title against the Fireflash after the Hood has contacted Kyrano. (Nowadays, onscreen titles have been added to these two episodes after the opening titles - against the Hood's Temple and the Sun Probe.)

Dr. Godber is pretty badass and ruthless.
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I must not have seen alot of Thunderbirds in the past cause I never saw Penelope in a 'Damsel in Distress' scenario.