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Thunderbirds Episode 2 Tele-Snaps

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66 Tele-snaps for Episode 2 of Thunderbirds, "Pit of Peril".


“In the African jungle, the US Army is testing a new all-terrain Sidewinder vehicle when the ground gives way beneath it and it falls into a blazing pit with a three-man crew trapped inside – 300 feet below ground. Lt. Mead, a member of the relief crew, is lowered into the pit from a helijet to assess the situation; he is badly burned but able to report on the condition of the vehicle. A second man, Sgt. Reynolds, is lowered into the pit to attach a line to one of the Sidewinder’s legs to haul it upright, but he too is badly burned and the line slips off during the rescue attempt.

General Peters calls in International Rescue and Scott, Virgil and Brains are soon speeding to the scene in Thunderbirds 1 and 2. Thunderbird 1’s remote camera reveals that the pit was once an open-cast mine which had been used as a military equipment dump after the Second World War. A crust of earth has formed over the top and spontaneous combustion has caused the wreckage in the pit to burn up. They must remove the remainder of the crust before the 500-ton Sidewinder can be dragged up the side of the pit.

Virgil is lowered into the pit in protective clothing to lay explosive charges, while Scott uses the Mole to drill through the side of the crater to recover Virgil. Brains detonates the charges and the explosions successfully clear the crust over the pit. Virgil takes control of two Recovery Vehicles equipped with magnetic lines – powerful electromagnets attached to winch cables. The electromagnets are fired at the Sidewinder and the Recovery Vehicles begin to haul it up the side of the pit. One of the electromagnets fails and becomes detached from the Sidewinder, so Virgil has to winch it in and fire again. This time, the magnet holds firm and on the second attempt the Recovery Vehicles finally manage to pull the Sidewinder up to the surface.”


This is a pretty dark episode, considering you see two army officers being burned in a fire. The voice actors give some pretty nasty screams, and one ends up being caked in bandages... You know, FOR KIDS!! XD
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I have never been keen on this episode because I find it so dull. They must have struggled to get it up to 50 minutes and it shows.


There’s a common belief that the R.E.M. song The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite was based on this episode. One lyric "The sidewinder sleeps on his back" could hint towards the Sidewinder in this episode falling into the pit on its back (upside-down). Another line "Call me when you try to wake her up" could also hint towards Colonel Sweeney, Frank, and Johnny getting knocked out for a couple of minutes due to the heavy impact of the Sidewinder falling into the pit upside-down. Also, “I can always sleep standing up” could refer to the goof where the crew and cabin are the right way up when really they should be upside-down like the machine! However, I think it’s just a silly rumour and Michael Stipe has never confirmed it.…