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Thunderbirds Episode 1 Tele-Snaps

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76 Tele-snaps for Episode 1 of Thunderbirds, "Trapped in the Sky"


“Through his psychic rapport with his half-brother Kyrano, the Hood learns that International Rescue is ready to begin operations. Plotting to lure the International Rescue craft, he straps a bomb to the landing gear of the atomic-powered airliner Fireflash on its maiden flight from London to Tokyo. If the crew attempts a landing by conventional means, the bomb will detonate. The situation is desperate. Although its atomic motors will enable the Fireflash to stay in the air for six months, the passengers and crew will receive fatal doses of radiation after two hours and ten minutes, when the anti-radiation shield on the reactor fails. On board is Kyrano’s daughter, Tin-Tin, en route to Tracy Island to join International Rescue.

The Fireflash crew attempt to dislodge the bomb with aerobatics, without success. Then an attempt is made to winch a man to the landing gear from a TX 204 Target-carrying Aircraft, but this also fails. Jeff Tracy then dispatches his sons Scott and Virgil in Thunderbirds 1 and 2, and International Rescue are in business!

Thunderbird 1 arrives at London Airport and Scott assesses the situation. The plan is to bring Fireflash, with its landing gear up, down on to High-speed Mobile Elevator Cars – two radio-controlled vehicles operated by Virgil in a third master control car. While the Tracys are organizing the rescue, the Hood, disguised as a police officer, takes photographs of Thunderbird 1. Spotted by the automatic camera detector in Thunderbird 1, he flees with the police in hot pursuit, but they lose him on the M1. Scott calls in International Rescue’s London agent, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.

The Fireflash makes its approach to London Airport, but one of the radio-controlled Elevator Cars suddenly develops a fault and the landing has to be aborted at the last second. With a replacement car in position, the Fireflash makes a second approach as the radiation safety factor on the anti-radiation shield expires. The Fireflash lands on the Elevator Cars without detonating the bomb, but when Virgil applies maximum breaks, his master control vehicle goes out of control and crashes. Supported by only a subsidiary vehicle under each wing, the Fireflash finally slides to a halt with only yards of runway to spare.

Meanwhile, on the M1 heading for Birmingham, Lady Penelope and her chauffeur, Parker, pursue the Hood in her Rolls-Royce, FAB 1. Coming to a quiet stretch of motorway, FAB 1’s grille-mounted machine gun blows the Hood’s car off the road and his pictures are ruined as the car crashes down an embankment. The villain vows that International Rescue has not heard the last of him.

The passangers and crew on board the Fireflash are saved, Virgil is unhurt and, with the security of the organization intact, International Rescue’s first mission is a complete success.”


Updated version, keeping with my limit of 60-70 tele-snaps for each programme I take pictures of, regardless of length. I'm happier with these ones than I am with the original 120-snap version.
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Quite fittingly, this was one of the first episodes I saw, as part of the Thunderbirds compilation movie Thunderbirds To The Rescue along with Operation Crash-Dive. Only episode to use sound effects in the 'preview' and the Mole missing from the end titles.

Lady Penelope and Parker were already introduced to the public due to having their own strip in TV21. The Vanishing Ray, which was printed at the time Thunderbirds began transmission sort of helped link the characters in to the programme. I also like Behind Enemy Lines.