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The Zander Adventure Page 1

Tales of Pieutira: The Zander Adventure
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Nice job! Got here thanks to radical reviewer.
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Thanks. Unfortunately, this version of the comic is a prototype. The official one gets released here May 9th.
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The introduction is confusing.
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You think it's confusing? How so?
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"It's most popular of these."

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"It's most popular of these stories and fables." I already mentioned those words, so I wasn't going to say it twice.
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Oh, sorry, I only just realised my dumb grammar mistake. It's supposed to be "Its most popular", not "It's". Thanks for pointing out this error.
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Grammar Nazi saved the day once again!~!
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I see a lot of TinTin influence here. Nice work!

P.S: I love your game reviews on Youtube and I'm excited to see that you also have a comic you're working on! :)
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Hello Vg, allow me to introduce myself just call me EKing I watched your Youtube account then i saw your account here which got my wheels turning so i just popped by to have a look. And i must say it's impressive. you certainly do motion alot better then me and the ink job is very well done.
i gotta figure out how to ink without overdoing it
feel free to pop by my site
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I really like the style of this, it's not an overdone Anime style, and the line art is clean, I also love how you draw their hands =D
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