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The VG Bros - Magic Herbs

By MDKartoons
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Ever wondered how Magic Herbs "heal" characters in adventure games?

Did this back in November. It was meant to be coloured and released, but I never got round to it, and then :iconsailorsilverstar:'s birthday came up and I wanted to give her something, but suddenly became unwell and unable to draw something new. So I decided instead to get this finished and sent to her as a gift. But a few days have gone by, and I've now decided to upload it here.

:iconsonicguru: inserted the Monster World IV screenshot onto the TV in the first panel, and he also coloured the walls. I did all the other colours, but couldn't decide on what colour the walls should be. His choice is fine in my opinion.

You may have also noticed the art style is less detailed and slightly more cartoony than before. This is because I wanted to try new styles, as I mentioned in a journal not too long ago.

I hope you like it. If so, I'll be using this more cartoony style for further VG Bros mini-comics down the line. :)
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SavageScribeProfessional Filmographer
Hmm, not bad at all. The closing panels were very amusing!
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MDKartoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks. You can see the pencil version on my page. The final two panels were actually very different. :iconsonicguru: and :iconsailorsilverstar: suggested the changes to the panels, as well as some of the dialogue, which resulted in this version, which I also believe is better. :)
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Wait, why would Star keep them in a Cookie Jar where they can easily be fou-I just answered my own stupid question. IMing: D'oh

Okay then, Why would Star own herbs that make y-I did it again didn't I? IMing: D'oh IMing: D'oh 

Alright then, what's the point of having magic herbs with that side effe-ARGH I'm bad at this!  IMing: D'oh IMing: D'oh IMing: D'oh
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it still adorable and funny