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The Space Pirates Episode 2 Tele-Snaps

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59 Tele-snaps for the one surviving episode of an apparently notorious serial of Doctor Who: The Space Pirates.

For some reason, everyone HATES this story. They find it to be dull and boring, and are hoping and praying that, should any future episodes be found, this will not be among them.

I think that's harsh. Finding these means there'll be 5 more Doctor Who episodes in the collection, and this serial is really not anywhere near as bad as others I've seen.

The Enemy of the World, for instance, was hugely hated, yet when it was found, everyone loved it. I expect the same thing to happen with The Space Pirates, as it has less surviving material than Enemy had.

The Enemy of the World had a high quality surviving soundtrack and tele-snaps for 4 of the 5 missing episodes.

Space Pirates has a very poor quality surviving audio, making it hard to hear the story, and NO tele-snaps. The main villain, Caven, only appears in 2 production photos, and one of the key characters, Dom Issigri, has no photos at all, so nobody knows what he looks like!

The surviving episode looks great, and Jack May is great as General Hermack. He puts on a Russian accent, but you can't help hear his Igor voice from Count Duckula seeping in throughout his performance. Milo Clancy, a space Prospector (you heard that right), is hilarious.

Honestly, I love this serial. The audio is splendid, and I hope this one will be found soon. But in the mean time, here's some snaps for its only surviving episode.
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Doesn't look boring, especially near the end of this part. I shall await the day when this would be a complete serial once more. ONCE MORE!!!