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The Offer Tele-Snaps

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76 Tele-snaps for the pilot to the legendary sitcom, Steptoe and Son, featured in Galton and Simpson's "Comedy Playhouse" back in the early 60's. Americans probably won't know of this, but they'll have heard of "Sanford and Son", a hugely popular US sitcom that originated from here, and even had some episodes from this show remade for theirs.

For those who don't know, "Comedy Playhouse" was a BBC production created by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, where they'd show 10+ episodes of unrelated sitcoms, and the more popular ones would get a full series. I believe this and only two others actually went to full shows.

Apologies for the quality. The BBC didn't restore any of the Black and White Steptoe and Son episodes, so they all look like crap.

I don't think I'll do anymore, but if you want some more, lemme know and I'll have a go. I plan on doing some Dad's Army soon.
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my parents watched this is all the time when i was young and they loved it so i remember watching this all the time as a kid
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Snaps are good but I don't think I'd wanna watch it anytime soon. Doesn't look like alot is going on to me.
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Just a man being emotionally crippled, still good for a larf, innit?