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The Crusade Episode 3 Tele-Snaps

By MDKartoons
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68 Tele-Snaps for the 3rd episode of the Doctor Who serial, "The Crusade".

After seeing these again, I must say... This story is hugely underrated. I'm not just saying this from a story standpoint; this story has many gifted talents playing their part, and not just in the guest cast (Julian Glover, Jean Marsh, Walter Randall and Bernard Kay), but moreover, the writer David Whitaker, and director Douglas Camfield. David Whitaker's storyline is magnificent, and since he helped build the show in its earlier days (the show's first script editor), and Camfield for his exceptional skills in directing. Camfield would go on to direct more Doctor Who serials down the years, such as "The Daleks' Master Plan", "The Web of Fear", "The Invasion" and even Tom Baker's "The Seeds of Doom".

I hope, with all these rumours going around, the two missing episodes will resurface, and if not, it would be criminal for this story not to be animated for DVD, as it's absolutely terrific.
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