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Stingray Episode 2 Tele-Snaps

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67 Tele-Snaps for Episode 2 of Stingray, "Plant of Doom".


"Upon seeking the guidance of Teufel in the hopes of getting his revenge on Troy Tempest for taking his slave Marina from him, Titan is presented with a strange, blue coral flower. As he examines it, its exotic perfume begins to consume the air, and Titan barely manages to destroy the plant before he suffocates. Realizing the capabilities of Teuful's plant, Titan decides to use it in his plot for revenge.

Meanwhile in Marineville, Troy, Atlanta and Phones discover Marina crying, and they learn that she misses her father Aphony, leader of a peaceful underwater city called Pacifica, and Troy presents Commander Shore with the idea of taking Marina to Pacifica and reunite her with Aphony, thus granting them the opportunity to explore a new underwater city. Though reluctant at first, Shore accepts the proposal.

During this time, Titan learns from his surface agent X20 that Stingray is headed for Pacifica with Marina on board. Putting his plan into motion, Titan calls X20 to Titanica and instructs him to take the deadly flower to Pacifica as a gift to Aphony in the hopes that he, Marina and the Stingray crew will be consumed by it. Fearing Stingray will reach Pacifica before his primitive underwater craft, X20 is informed by Titan that a Mechanical Fish will delay Stingray, thus allowing X20 to reach Pacifica first.

Stingray is attacked by the Mechanical Fish, but Troy and Phones successfully destroy it and reach Pacifica. They're greeted with a grand feast by Aphony, and Marina is given the flower by her father. She only takes its protective cover off it for a moment to smell it before sealing it up again, thus inadvertently saving everyone from suffocation.

Soon after, Troy and Phones decide to leave. Marina wishes to stay with Aphony at first, but quickly catches up with Stingray, bringing the flower with her. Upon their return to Marineville, she presents the flower to Atlanta as a gift.

That night, Atlanta removes the covering from the flower and proceeds to play the piano when the air is consumed and she collapses. Troy arrives and barely rescues her in time. Shore, Atlanta and Phones arrive at the conclusion that Marina is a spy who brought the flower there to kill them all, but Troy refuses to accept that. He places the flower back on the piano and soon Marina comes into the room. She starts playing the piano badly, as she's never seen one before, and as she does so, the plant begins to consume the air.

Troy, Atlanta, Phones and Shore are watching from the next room, and having experienced the flower's effects herself, Atlanta is convinced Marina is innocent as she watches her struggle, and starts begging to get her out of there, but Shore refuses until Marina collapses from the plant's power, proving her innocence.

Troy rushes into the room and destroys the plant while everyone else apologizes to Marina for doubting her position as an ally. They make up for it with a dinner party, where Atlanta proceeds to teach Marina how to play the piano properly."


This is a great episode. It's a direct sequel to the pilot episode, and as a sequel, it's perfect. The villain ups his game, we meet more underwater creatures, and there's one HELL of a battle sequence between Stingray and the Mechanical Fish which leads to the iconic Salmon dive that's seen in the opening of every episode (as well as Snap 34 above).

I might do more episodes if you're interested. There's 37 more amazing episodes to cover after all. :)

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Stupidly, this episode went out as episode 34 in the original broadcast order when it should only go out as episode 2. It begins with Titan saying "My slave Marina has escaped!" I bet back in the day, people thought "What? You've only realised this now?! Where have you been these past 30 weeks?"

There are one or two other discrepancies with the original transmission order which is why it is never used for reruns/releases.
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Unfortunately, Shout! Factory in the US set the episodes out on the DVD in broadcast order as opposed to production order.

Ironically, our Thunderbirds dvds were laid out in broadcast order, yet theirs was in production order- complete reversal.

As for Captain Scarlet, both countries went by broadcast order, not production order.
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My Bro had a Stingray toy and one of that fish sub.