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Stingray Episode 1 Tele-Snaps

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70 Tele-snaps for Episode 1 of Stingray.


"World Security Patrol vessel Seaprobe is destroyed on a routine mission by a Mechanical Fish piloted by underwater aliens known as the Aquaphibians. Commander Shore of Marineville is ordered by his superiors in Washington DC to find out the reason for the sub's destruction, and Shore sends Captain Troy Tempest and his copilot Phones to investigate the area.

As Stingray heads towards the explosion zone, they pass the Island of Lemoy, inhabited by a Surface Agent known as X20. He discovers Stingray's movements and informs his superior, Titan, who sends another Mechanical Fish out to attack Stingray, and Troy and Phones are captured.

Time passes. Lieutenant Atlanta, Commander Shore's daughter, loses contact with Stingray, and Shore calls Battle Stations on Marineville, sending an Areal Search squadron to investigate Stingray's predicament, but when they find nothing, Shore concludes that they must assume the worst, and gives the order for Hydromic missiles to be placed on standby - If they hear nothing within 24 hours, they will bombard the entire area in the hopes of destroying who started the chaos.

Meanwhile, Troy is taken before Titan, who introduces himself as leader of the Underwater City of Titanica. He also introduces Marina, the mute mermaid and also his slave. He initially holds Troy prisoner, but when Troy explains he and the WASPs (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) aren't hostile terraneans, Titan decides to give Troy a "fair" trial.

The trial consists of placing Troy in front of a huge fish, the sea god Teufel, who Titan claims will only look upon friends of his people. Teufel observes Troy, and if the fish turns away from him within the space of one Marine Minute, Troy and Phones will be sentenced to Death.

The inevitable happens, and Troy and Phones are escorted by Marina to a Mechanical Fish where they'll be taken to an underwater prison for execution, but on the journey, Marina unties Troy and Phones, who ambush the Aquaphibian pilots, and head back to Marineville, taking Stingray with them.

Later that evening, Troy and Phones introduce Marina to Shore, Atlanta and Lieutenant Fisher, while describing their experience. Shore agrees that they now know what they're up against; whole races of people living under the sea. Some to help, some to fight."


Without a doubt, this is my all-time favourite Gerry Anderson puppet series and my all-time favourite TV series overall. I can watch all 39 episodes over and over and NEVER get bored!

The characters are all likeable, the stories were extremely creative, and, in the tradition of Gerry Anderson's puppet shows, the music is incredible. The opening sequence was always exciting, and the music, in my opinion, made Barry Gray the John Williams of television music. All of his theme songs for the puppet shows, from Four Feather Falls, to The Secret Service, were all catchy as hell and 100% memorable.

The series also made history in the UK. In America, Japan and Canada, colour television started as early as 1954. The United Kingdom didn't get colour television until the late 1960's, so Stingray made history when it was released in 1964 and became the first British television series to be made ENTIRELY in colour overall. Shows like The Adventures of Sir Lancelot were made first, but they started in Black and White before they moved into Colour.

The series also features a character far more beautiful than Lady Penelope, and that is Marina, a mute Mermaid who joins the cast at the end of the first episode. She wears a blue dress, a green sparkling shirt and has long flowing green hair. Even though she can't speak, she is blossoming with character and is one of the greatest characters Gerry Anderson ever created.

You can watch the show's intro here:…
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