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Julia Farnsworth (Pieutira WIP)

By MDKartoons
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Here's a pencil preparation for Page 3 of Chapter 1 for the new Pieutira comic. The drawing is a sketch by Michael of his girlfriend, Julia Farnsworth, and it's a gift he's making for her.

Dr Julia Farnsworth is a new main character to Pieutira. She was announced to be a part of The Zander Adventure, but I never got round to drawing her scenes. Needless to say, she is a very eccentric, carefree hippie-type girl with a flower brooch in her long red hair, and she likes to wear overalls.

She works on her family farm which she inherited after her Father died, but her favourite hobbies include playing the acoustic guitar, and making potions.

Her potions examinations were successful, meaning she is legally a Doctor (a title she seldom uses), and she is legally allowed to prescribe potions for various purposes, from sickness potions to cure people to even gardening potions, such as weedkiller and so on.

During her potions examinations, when she was 18, an accident during one course caused her body to reduce aging, almost completely, leaving her permanently 18 years old. In the picture you see above, she might look like an 18 year old, but she's actually 35! Her real age is a running joke among her friends.

She first met Michael after he saved her life from a deranged serial killer, and since then, she worships the ground Michael walks on. She loves life, and despises conflict, striving instead to make friends with EVERYONE she meets. Among her eccentricities is her desire to regularly eat bizarrely chosen fruits, like tomatoes, over apples or strawberries.

Of course, she DOES have her limits, and can be severely hot-headed to people who get on her nerves, though this is kind of lashing out is extremely rare.

The best description of the character is to say she's like a combination of Luna Lovegood and Smurfette.
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BigFanofBarnif85Hobbyist Filmographer
Been a while since I've commented, but can see how much your style has improved, and looks just as good as anything I've read professionally, if not better. Like the sound of her character too, especially as she has rare outbursts, while most of the time she's pretty alright.
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sailorsilverstarProfessional General Artist
She looks so sweet!