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Horrible Histories Episode 1 Tele-Snaps

By MDKartoons
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75 Tele-Snaps for Episode 1 of the 2001 Horrible Histories series, "Terrible Tudors"

This series was on when I was a kid, and was really good. However, when the BBC released their sketch series of Horrible Histories in 2009, this series sadly fell into obscurity.

The series revolves around Stitch and Mo, two teenagers who live in the United States. Each episode revolves around them engaging in some kind of activity, usually harassed by a nerd called Darren Dongle, who is their arch enemy. Whenever they encounter a certain problem they can't handle themselves, they're sent back in time by a narrator, where they land in a certain era that has the answers to their problems. Each episode concludes with what they've learned being used to solve their problems.

It's a pity this show has become virtually unknown thanks to the 2009 series because it's a legitimately funny show, combining humour and education together seamlessly. It also had a good voice cast, including Jess Harnell, Cree Summer and Billy West, who amusingly uses his Philip J Fry voice for Stitch. The crudely drawn animation also adds to the shows humour.

I might do more episodes if you're curious to see what else the show has to offer.
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I remember this show. I was 10 years old when this came around.
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I still like the show. 
In my country, it was dubbed in Dutch. 
Still a classic. 
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I loved this show~ c:
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I weren't sure at first if this would make good snaps since the series was fairly quick-paced, but you sir have proved my worries were for naught. Keep up the cracking work!
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I think I'll stick with the live action British series.
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Don't judge it just based on what it looks like.
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I saw an episode months ago... not really that good.
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