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Hedley and Smedley (2006-2015)

By MDKartoons
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Hey, everyone. Last month, I released a Character Design sheet for an old MDCartoons comic project, "Scarlet, Tuck and Barrington", which you can see here: Scarlet, Tuck and Barrington (2006)

Now I want to tell you about another that was also created in 2006, "Hedley and Smedley".

In 2006, this series was known as "Meekly and Sneakly", and was about a thief and his naive brother who would both try to find ways of making easy cash, be it by stealing money, cheating in competitions, and attempting to find rare and endangered species for a price.

Once again, it was reminiscent of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but unlike "Scarlet, Tuck and Barrington", whose resemblance to Hanna-Barbera's "Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey" was coincidence, "Hedley and Smedley" was definitely inspired by a Hanna-Barbera series called "Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har", where an optimistic lion and his friend, a hyena with depression, would go on endless get-rich-quick schemes.

However, I gave up on the project in favour of other ideas, but shelved it in the hopes of returning to it. In 2012, Vaulting creator Morgan Leger and I attempted to revive this series by turning it into a comic serial, making a comic consisting of 9 x 4 page episodes, and renaming it "Hedley and Smedley". A poster for which was released on DA some time in 2013. There was a Hollywood actress who accompanied them on adventures and would act as a love interest to one of the two heroes, and they were no longer thieves but gallant heroes trying to do good in the world. Yawn. hehe.

We both realised a serial wouldn't work, so we shelved it again. Serializing issues wasn't the only reason we dropped the project at the time; we couldn't agree on the designs of Hedley, and what their villain, Mr Flanagan should look like, how the cartoons would be structured, and so on.

Well, over the past few days, we've gone through discussion after discussion, we've decided to go back to my original concept from 2006, having the characters be thieves. Their villain, Mr Flanagan, who was an Irish human version of the Red Guy from "Cow and Chicken", who would have a different job every story, was scrapped in favour of a female villain. Turning the characters into thieves meant they needed a police officer to hunt them down. Blanche DeRita was created today at 2PM.

The main character descriptions are as follows:


A smooth talking crook, Hedley wants nothing better than to get himself loaded with money. With the help of his brother Smedley, Hedley takes on any task, no matter how dangerous, as long as it means easy cash. His expectations are completely unreasonable, and his plans nearly always backfire on him. Hedley's design is based on Morgan Leger himself. Morgan modeled an outfit for me to give an idea on what he thought the character should look like. His design is very much like his former character Film Buff. The only major change I made from Morgan to this design was making the nose much bigger. Apart from the nose, this design for Hedley is basically Morgan with baggy eyes.


Smedley is Hedley's naive teenage brother. He follows his brother around and supports him with everything. Ever curious, he always asks his brother what his plans are, and how he can help to accomplish them. His naive nature leads many to believe that Hedley carelessly exploits his brother's simple minded nature in order to get whatever he wants out of him, and whenever Smedley does something wrong, Hedley is usually the one who suffers the consequences. Smedley's design comes directly from the 2006 concept art sheets.


Blanche is a police officer from New York City and, as a result, has a thick Italian American accent. She is dedicated to her job, and has served in the Lighthouse Island Police Department for over 10 years. In that time, she has constantly been on the hunt for Hedley and Smedley, determined to arrest them for their crimes. Her reasons for being so determined to apprehend them and her refusal to pass the case on to others varies from story to story. She is so madly desperate to apprehend them, that she claims the reasons are either " I can get that promotion", " I can go on that vacation I've been waiting for", or simply "...SO I CAN DIE HAPPY!!"

Blanche despises Hedley, as she is among those who believes that Smedley is exploited by his brother. She sometimes says to her commissioner that because of Smedley's good-hearted innocence and because of his brother's influence, she often considers letting Smedley go if she catches them.

NOTE: One thing I absolutely despise about female cops in cartoons / video games, etc. these days is that they always seem to be designed for sexual appeal. Sonya Blade wears an outfit that would get her fired in real life, and Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper games doesn't fare much better.

For Blanche's design, I simply gave her long high heeled boots and chestnut brown hair, then I designed a REAL police uniform for her, instead of showing her tummy and hips and such. Can't stand female cops that look like that. :)

This series, like "Scarlet, Tuck and Barrington", IS now gonna be a comic series. Morgan and I are considering an anthology comic book series consisting of 3 x 12 page stories in the following format:

Scarlet, Tuck and Barrington / Hedley and Smedley / (Another comic yet to be made)

As STB and H&S are both based on old ideas of mine, the third comic in the anthology will be an original creation by Leger and myself.

Anyhoo, here are the designs, let me know what you think, and I hope you like it.
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Seems like a decent basis for a series of funnies, and the artwork has a nice mix of Herge and HB.
Best of luck!
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Thanks, man. I never thought they merged in that sense. Thanks! :iconsonicguru: did the same thing with a drawing style that mixed Don Bluth and Anime, and I called it "Donime". Guess I could call this one "Ligne-Barbera"... At least I can until I can think of something better.