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Choose Your Morris Mukthing

By MDKartoons
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Considering I'm re-designing some of my Pieutira villains, I have here a profile sheet with 15 different character profiles for the villain, Morris Mukthing.

Ever since I chose to abandon the Puppet-man look, I struggled to decide upon a new design for the character. Now I have a whole new backstory for the villain, which is a lot more interesting than the basic one I had planned before, but now it's just the face which needs working on.

:iconsonicguru:, :icondragonmaster369:, and others have had a look, and most of them have gone with Profile 6, which is based on a puppet from Captain Scarlet, which in turn was based on Western actor Robert Mitchum. It's a look that suits the character, and I'm 70% certain THAT's the one I'll finally go with.

Still, I'm curious to know what you guys think. Have a look, and leave a Profile in the comments, and your reasons for choosing that said number. I'm keen to know what you think, cause even if I still go with Profile 6, I may use others which get more votes as other characters.

Incidentally, some of these are caricatures, Profile 3 is Peter Capaldi, Profile 7 is André Morell, and Profile 8 is Nigel Green. Three designs are stolen either from Tintin or DragonBall, which I only admit now because I'm confident I won't choose those ones anyway, but I added them to fill up the space a little.

So please, Choose your Villain, and PLEASE don't just like and walk away; I really DO want to know your genuine thoughts on which profiles you like and why.
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sailorsilverstarProfessional General Artist
I'm trying to figure which one fits :iconsouthjerseysam:s voice best lol but having his voice in mind out of these options i vote for 12
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MDKartoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
It might not necessarily be :iconsouthjerseysam:, as I may switch voices around depending on the selected design.

So far, with Sam, Ben and Reinfield's new designs, I've had it set so that, ideally based their new drawings, Sam would be voiced by me, Ben would be voiced by :iconsouthjerseysam:, while Reinfield would be voiced by :iconsonicguru:.

So far, I have others in mind for Mukthing.

His new backstory will help establish his voice better, but as that's a big secret, I'll share that with you privately tomorrow. Only a few people know it, so I'll share it with you especially, since I missed your birthday. :)
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sailorsilverstarProfessional General Artist
No worries hun :hug:
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I think either 9 or 12 would be a GREAT redesign for the character.