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Captain Scarlet Episode 8 Tele-Snaps (REDONE)

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75 Tele-Snaps for Episode 8 of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, "White As Snow"


"Manned communications satellite TVR-17 is destroyed when Captain Black infiltrates mission control and changes the spacecraft's flight path, causing it to prematurely re-enter the atmosphere and blow up. Reconstructing TVR-17 and its crew, the Mysterons lock the satellite on a collision course with Cloudbase. The reconstruction is shot down by Symphony Angel despite the protests of Captain Scarlet, who questions whether TVR-17 is really under Mysteron control.

When the Mysterons threaten his life, Colonel White realises that TVR-17 was targeting him personally and decides to leave Cloudbase for the safety of its personnel. He appoints Captain Blue acting controller of the base after Scarlet, angered by White's decision to destroy the satellite, refuses to step in. However, when the wreckage of the original TVR-17 is discovered, Scarlet regrets his actions. He asks Lieutenant Green if he knows White's destination, but Green has orders to remain silent.

Posing as Robert Snow, a deep-sea fisherman, White boards the World Navy submarine USS Panther II. As the submarine prepares to dive, Ensign Soames gets his foot caught in a chain on the open deck and drowns as the vessel submerges. Later, the Panther II captain appoints Soames' Mysteron replacement as White's steward.

Entering White's cabin with a gun, Soames shoots the occupant, but with a last effort his victim returns fire and kills Soames. It is then discovered the man in the cabin is not White, who is found bound and gagged in a storage compartment, but Scarlet, who was killed while disguised as the colonel.

Back on Cloudbase, the revived Scarlet tells White that he pulled rank on Green to learn his whereabouts, used his Spectrum ID to pass navy security and stowed away on board the submarine before it left its base. White sentences Scarlet to death for gross insubordination but immediately grants him a reprieve, ruefully noting that the captain's indestructibility would make his execution pointless."

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This is the only episode where the end scene jumps to a black scene prior to the credits as opposed to fading out before the credits.

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MDKartoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Actually, on the blu-ray, it fades out normally.

I think the others were an oversight in the transmission prints, whereas these blu ray prints are from the original 35mm negatives.