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Captain Scarlet Episode 2 Tele-snaps (REDONE)

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76 Tele-snaps for Episode 2 of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, "Winged Assassin".


"In a transmission to Earth, the Mysterons (voiced by Donald Gray) warn Spectrum that they intend to assassinate Xian Yoh, the Director General of the United Asian Republic, who is currently in London on a state visit. An attempt to kill the target in his hotel room is foiled by Captain Grey (voiced by Paul Maxwell).

Maximum security is imposed at London International Airport, where the Director General is due to leave the country. At the request of Colonel White (voiced by Donald Gray), the resurrected Mysteron double of Captain Scarlet (voiced by Francis Matthews) – who has been declared by Cloudbase's medical officer Dr Fawn (voiced by Charles Tingwell) to be no longer under Mysteron control and effectively "indestructible" – returns to duty to help lead the operation. Scarlet and Captain Blue (voiced by Ed Bishop) fly to London accompanied by the Angel fighter squadron.

Meanwhile, the Mysterons use their powers to trigger a systems failure on board an airliner, Flight Delta Tango 19, causing it to crash into the Atlantic Ocean and explode. A reconstruction of the plane, devoid of crew and passengers, continues on the original flight path from New York to London.

As a double of the Director General is driven to London Airport in a decoy motorcade, the real Xian Yoh arrives in Spectrum's "Yellow Fox" – a secure transport disguised as an aircraft fuel tanker – and discreetly boards his private jet. As DT19 lands a short distance away, Scarlet, watching from the control tower with Blue, experiences a sudden nausea, warning him that the Director General is in danger. At that moment, DT19 breaks away from the terminal and rushes towards the Director General's jet.

Ordering the jet to take off immediately, Scarlet and Blue leave in their Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle to intercept DT19. The airliner is unhindered by the Angels' aerial bombardment, so Scarlet and Blue prepare to fire on its undercarriage with the SPV's rocket launcher. However, the launcher malfunctions. Taking matters into his own hands, Scarlet ejects Blue and rams into DT19's wheels, dislodging them and bringing the airliner to a halt. Breaking away from the aircraft, he is fatally injured when the SPV crashes into a radar bunker. As the jet takes off, it collides with one of DT19's wings and crashes into a field, killing the Director General and everyone else on board. As Scarlet's body is taken away in an ambulance, Blue assures the airport chief that despite Spectrum's defeat, Scarlet will return to fight the Mysterons again."


I recorded a video in which I filmed myself snapping the climax of the episode, so you can see how it's done, which can be seen here:…

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