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Captain Scarlet Episode 18 Tele-Snaps

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59 Tele-Snaps for Episode 17 of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, "Model Spy"


"The Mysterons warn Spectrum that they intend to assassinate André Verdain, a French fashion designer who is secretly Controller of the European Area Intelligence Service. Colonel White believes that they will make their attempt at Verdain's upcoming fashion show in Monte Carlo, and assigns a team of four – Captains Scarlet and Blue and Destiny and Symphony Angels – to protect him. The agents go undercover, with Scarlet posing as a public relations officer, Blue as a photographer, and Destiny and Symphony as fashion models.

Scarlet, Blue, Destiny and Symphony are forced to fly directly to Monte Carlo as the Paris airports are closed due to heavy fog. Unknown to Verdain and the newly-arrived agents, two of Verdain's models, Helga and Gabrielle, have been killed in a monotrain derailment and reconstructed in the service of the Mysterons. When Verdain takes his guests on a tour of Monte Carlo Bay in his luxury yacht, Gabrielle starts a fire in the engine room that quickly consumes the vessel. All onboard jump to safety just seconds before the yacht explodes.

Despite Scarlet's warnings, Verdain refuses to cancel his press reception at a nearby hotel. A man resembling Captain Black has been sighted in Europe and Verdain is sure that he will make an appearance at the event. During the pre-reception cocktail party, Gabrielle inadvertently reveals herself to be a Mysteron agent when she claims to have flown to Monte Carlo from Paris when the latter was fog-bound. Before Scarlet can challenge her, Black, who has stationed himself outside the hotel, shoots Verdain through an open window with a tranquilliser gun. Gabrielle turns off the lights and in the resulting confusion Helga and Black kidnap the unconscious Verdain and get away in Black's car.

Thanks to a homing drug that Scarlet put in Verdain's drink, the Spectrum agents are able to track Black and Helga and pursue them by car, SPV and helicopter. Caught between the Spectrum forces and a police roadblock, Black and Helga push Verdain out of their car and come to a halt. As Verdain regains consciousness, the Mysterons use their powers to teleport the car, Black and Helga to safety. Back at the hotel, Verdain thanks the agents and presents Destiny and Symphony with exquisite gowns courtesy of the House of Verdain."


I cannot STAND this episode... It has to be the worst episode in the series, and that includes the clip show episode that concludes the series overall.

The Mysterons create agents from fashion models to eliminate a fashion designer who is also a French spy? Not the best set up...

But the episode is worse than that. It is frighteningly inconsistent. After having tries to kill Verdain with a burning boat, and after Black shoots at Verdain, then kidnapping him, he then tells one of the fashion model agents that they 'need Verdain alive', with no explanation as to why they've changed heart and are allowing him to live for the moment... Then, having been cornered by the French Police, Black orders the agent to throw Verdain from the car without killing him first... WHAT???

Black must have been having a SLOW day, because this episode was boring, with a mediocre setup, and full of holes. I ended having to snap 8 end credits slides instead of 2, simply because there was NOTHING going on.

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