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Captain Scarlet Episode 14 Tele-Snaps

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72 Tele-snaps for Episode 14 of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, "Fire at Rig 15"


"In the oil fields of the Middle East desert, the Mysterons sabotage the drill on Rig 15 by opening a safety valve, releasing a jet of oil that quickly ignites and turns the rig into an inferno. An oil refinery at Bensheba is the one source of fuel for the Spectrum Organisation's vehicles. When the Mysterons cryptically threaten to "immobilise" the whole of Spectrum, Colonel White fears that they intend to destroy the organisation's fuel supply and dispatches Captains Scarlet and Blue to investigate the unfolding disaster at Rig 15.

On arrival, Scarlet and Blue learn from the rig controller, Kinley, and his assistant, Hansen, that an explosives expert, Jason Smith, has been brought in to "blow out" the fire by detonating an explosive charge at its centre. However, they are unaware that Captain Black is observing the blaze from afar. While Smith is planting the charge, Black uses the Mysterons' powers to hypnotise him. The charge detonates according to plan and the fire is extinguished, but Smith is killed in the explosion and replaced with a double under Mysteron control.

That night, Black orders Smith's double to leave in his truck and use his explosives to destroy the Bensheba refinery. The following morning, the body of the original Smith is discovered and Scarlet realises that the expert has been taken over by the Mysterons. He requisitions a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and chases Smith down the highway leading to Bensheba, managing to force him off the road before they reach the refinery. Smith's truck crashes into a dune and explodes, but at the same time Scarlet's SPV collides with a set of oil tanks, fatally injuring Scarlet. Scarlet's body is returned to Cloudbase in anticipation of his recovery."


Not related to the episode, but did these snaps come out okay with the new TV? If there are problems, I can switch over to the old TV.

Lemme know.

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This episode has often been described as leftover Thunderbirds scripts.

Last episode to use the instrumental end theme... or might The Launching have used it had certain scenes not needed reshooting?