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Straightneck (Pre-Earth Form)
Faction: Autobot
Alternate Form: Cybertronian Mobile Crane 

This was Straightneck before he, along with a handful of Autobots who boarded the Ark, crash-landed on Earth.

His current form can be seen here:
So I watched the one of the most recent episodes of Steven Universe today. It was one of the happiest days of my life (along with Ruby and Sapphire). I was absolutely thrilled when Ruby asked Sapphire: she joyfully accepted it.
Autobot Polyamory
I took up my first three OC Transformers and mashed them into this drawing. This is also to celebrate Pride Month of 2018.

+ For Metaltread and Airleaper, click
+ For Blazestorm, click here
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Dinobot
Alternate Form: Brachiosaurus

Bio: Straightneck was a construction engineer back on Cybertron. When the war arrived, everything he worked for was obliterated before his very optics. It left him traumatized so horrifically, he turned to a life of building weapons, but he does so to protect the innocent.

Personality: Straightneck is a dedicated person who is determined to assist anyone in times of need. Despite his enormous size, he is surprisingly kind-hearted.

His original form can be seen here:
I never thought I drew a Dinobot. I named him Straightneck a few days back.

This is the very first time I actually drew one. I also did that to celebrate the premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on this day.

For Straightneck, click here: 
Faction: Autobot
Alternate Form: Dragon

Bio: Blazestorm is shunned by others because she transforms into a dragon without wings, yet she can fly perfectly without them. Then one day, while she was walking on the streets of Iacon, Blazestorm came across Metaltread and Airleaper who were being harassed by the same people who mocked her. She saved both of them, but was gravely wounded as a result. Metaltread and Airleaper tended to her injuries and were thankful of Blazestorm for rescuing them both. Because they two were nice to her, Blazestorm fell in love with the couple.

Personality: Blazestorm can be aggressive most of the time, but that is only if anybody lays a finger on both Metaltread and Airleaper.

She is based on Kamen Rider Cross-Z. While the colors are inspired by Ryuga Banjou himself, Blazestorm’s gender is based on Banjou’s girlfriend, Kasumi Ogura


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