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iPhone 4G icon

iPhone 4G icon

In the pack you will find 4 iPhone icons in:
- .ICO (for windows xp/vista)
- .ICNS (for mac os)
- .iCONTAINER (for candybar/mac)
- .PNG =D
up to 512x512px =D

enjoy!! =D =D
~for personal use only~

credit *hotiron for making .icns and .iContainer



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Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Spiderman Wallpaper iphone

Best rgs
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Awesome icon! Can I use it on my website?
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love my ipod!!! thanks
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keep up the great work
continue !
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hello, can i use your icon to make an iphone commercial app?
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Sorry its only for personal use on your desktop =D But ive done work like this with this iphone before. The client wanted me to change it a bit and put a screenshot of his app inside and he paid me for that. I can do that for you also. If not then no i dont allow commercial use of this icon sorry =/
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very nice! great work :)
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Really gorgeous. But it's not called 4G...
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Yeah i
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"so?" The point is, there is no such thing as an "iPhone 4G".


Technically, there are *NO* 4G networks yet. Sprint's WiMax is around 3.75G and the same goes for Verizon's LTE network. ATT will roll out a LTE network like Verizon's in the future, but they're not even there yet.
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Well ,technically, i dont care if its called 4. I named MY icon 4G. And if you download it and use it on your desktop its not gonna say iphone 4g, its gonna have the name YOU give to it =D
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I would love to have it :S
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then download it! =D
very very nice!
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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Publish it no problem!! thanks a lot!! =D
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