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Curl Finder icon

Curl Finder

In the pack you will find 2 icons in:
- .ICO (for windows xp/vista)
- .ICNS (for mac os)
- .iCONTAINER (for candybar/mac)
- .PNG =D

enjoy!! =D =D
~for personal use only~
credit *hotiron for making .icns and .iContainer

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Looks kinda Art Deco styled, like your Cuby one. This one makes me think of the Finder face's hair brushed back, or something. :-)
H-3-L-L-S-M-A-N's avatar
This one is cool because it looks like its coming in and out off the surface you put it on. I just made it black and white for a mono setup.
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cool =D can i see a sceenshot?? i wanna see how it looks =D oh and btw i made a new finder last night =D i will post it in a bit =D
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:clap: very creative, many thanks
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no thank YOU! =D
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great finder icon :)
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Holy shit, that's cool

but maby too shinny, specialy on the eyes
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i wanted it to be like that =D too shiny =D
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awesome finder icon mate!
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hey thanks man =D =D
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very thoughtful :D nice icon man :)
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thanks a lot man =D =D
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cool icon but i have a pc :( but great work
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