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Full Speed Ahead #2: Eternal Midnight

By mdgarcia
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Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the adult-oriented Star Trek fanfiction series!

(Rated MA) Stardate 43239.47: In the aftermath of their return from the deepest reaches of the Beta Quadrant, Farragut receives the rest of her senior officers and crew.  Due to the nature of their return, however, Captain Krystine Leone faces possible charges  of violating Starfleet regulations.

This investigation pulls the ship away from their intended assignment with the Border Service.  Leone and her crew are now tasked with a convoy escort from Starbase 310 to Deep Space 4 -- a veritable "milk run."  Before leaving dock, they take aboard a brash lieutenant commander from the local Inspector General's Office who serves to interrogate and discover the facts of the previous mission.

Meanwhile, Commander Jesse Kincaid reports aboard as the new executive officer of Farragut to try to find his way within this unusual command dynamic.  A dynamic that is tested within its infancy when a catastrophic explosion aboard one of the freighters results in the loss of all lives aboard!
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